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Organizational Plan
I. Introduction
This part shall serve to introduce the essay and inform the reader of the research topic as well as the latest information and statistics. The statistic that there have been a total of 294 mass shootings within 275 days in 2015 alone will serve to introduce the topic and remind the reader of the urgency of effecting legislation to control the use of firearms in the United States. A general observation of how polarized the debate regarding gun is shall be expressed in the introduction…………

  1. Federal Rules on Guns

Currently, the State recognizes the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms, as is guaranteed by the second amendment of the constitution. However, due to recent happening – latest of them being Oregon that happened on October 1st 2015 – the debate has been increasingly shifting towards gun control…….

  1. Developments In Gun Control In Recent Decades

Americans have always loved their privacy and the right to do as they please, which necessarily ends up being extended into the right to bear arms. This section would demonstrate how despite their being an affinity…………