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Gun Control in Ohio

For this alignment I would like to research gun control in Ohio. I already know that there has been a battle of ideas between Republicans and Democrats on the issue. I also know that in 2018, there was a lot of talk about a bill known as ‘Stand Your Ground’ that supports gun ownership. ‘Stand Your Ground’ defenders said that people should be allowed to own guns for self-defense. I know that ‘Stand Your Ground’ received a major blow from the Parkland school shooting. However, a month later several gun bills were passed.

I want to study this topic so that I can understand what gun control is all about. I want to understand why the senate passed some bills and ignored others. I also want to understand why they think that self-defense is more important than public protection. I want to understand why the gun issue was politicized instead of being resolved with facts. I also want to understand the effects that may be brought about by the new gun bills in Ohio.

I hope to learn what is important in the passing of a bill. I hope to learn which bills were passed in Ohio. I want to learn which bills were not passed and get an idea as to why they did not pass. I hope to learn if any public opinion considerations were considered before the passing of the gun bills. I want to learn the stands Republicans and Democrats took on the issue and what specific leaders from Ohio said about the issue. I hope to learn why the pro- gun ownership group supports the ‘Stand your Ground’. I also want to get the other side of the story of why people are pushing for gun control in the area of Ohio.Gun Control in Ohio