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Gun Control


Ohio has suffered the loss of precious lives as a result of lack of gun control. This paper looks at the main reason why gun control should be looked into, which is the protection of young lives. The paper also discusses recent gun bills in Ohio that give more rights to gun owners and the problems that could arise, thus giving further evidence as to why gun control should be allowed. In the end, the paper discusses various ways to enable gun control to show that it is not an impossible venture. Gun control in Ohio should be a priority.

Gun control in Ohio must be taken seriously with enough regulations on private gun owners for the sole reason of protecting young lives. The 2018 mass shooting of young high school students was a horror story that saw the end of the lives of 14 youngsters. The nation was up in arms calling for action on gun regulation. Prior to the shooting, Ohio State had a self-defense bill known as ‘Stand Your Ground’ that aimed at expanding gun rights. After the mass shooting incident, the supporters of this bill went underground for a while following the shock that followed. Since 2018, the New York Times went on to report a further 1200 deaths that have occurred as a result of gun violence. The deaths vary widely. One was that of a 9-month old baby who was shot by his father in Clearlake. Another one was the death of an 11 year old who was caught at a cross fire while playing basketball. Yet another death was from a drive by shooting and yet another from a bar shooting (Hassan, 2019). Unfortunately, most of these deaths did not receive the front page news attention and this may be the reason that the senate seems to care little about the rights of those who cannot own guns in self-defense. These deaths are too many to simply go ignored and tell the simple story of why gun owners should be more regulated and not given more rights. The stories are even more heartbreaking because they are told by children and teenagers narrating the stories of their fellow youngsters robbed off having futures. The gun owners in Ohio need to be regulated to save young lives.Gun Control

Despite the obvious menace cause by private gun owners, barely a month after the school shooting, the Ohio State senate went ahead to give more rights to private gun owners instead of regulating them. The senate went ahead to propose bills such as HB233 which allowed gun owners to carry concealed weapons to gun-free areas. HB 201 would allow a gun owner to carry a hidden gun without getting a permit and training. SB81 would allow veterans to carry concealed guns without undergoing civilian training. ‘Stand Your Ground’ would allow gun users to use force in self-defense instead of retreating (Chow, 2018). All these new rights are simply reckless. Carrying guns to gun-free areas would pose a new danger in place where people should be free from guns and feel secure that none exist in that area. Carrying a gun without a permit and training is definitely a disaster in waiting. It would allow every Dick and Harry to own and have access to guns. The lack of training means that, people that barely know how to handle guns could result in accidents as a result of mishandling guns. This way, they will not have killed by design but it will be a death all the same and these people are a danger to society. Veterans might know the rules of war and gun rules in the war grounds, but those rules do not apply in normal civilian life and they need civilian training so that they are not a danger to society. ‘Stand your ground barely helped matters because retreating will always be the best option in defending oneself and not force, which could result in the death of innocent by-standers. Bills for gun regulation need to be considered to protect people from the above dangers.Gun Control

The senate definitely had better ways of regulating gun use in public spaces which would ensure the safety of others. New regulations on gun control would surely make Ohio safer. The Ohio senate had various propositions on gun control which they grossly ignored. These were criminal background checks before a gun sale occurs and a ban on assault weapons (Chow, 2018). Several ways of regulating private gun users have been proposed and they could go a long way in ensuring that gun violence decreases. First, stringent requirements on owning guns should be put in place. Secondly, restrictions on the amount of guns owned by one individual would greatly reduce the chances of gun violence. Educating families on gun safety and handling is also a plus. The state can also choose to invest in smart gun technologies that allow the unlocking of phone by fingerprints. Funding gun violence research could help identify why it occurs on a large scale and reducing the amount of protection that gun manufacturers are given could help solve this problem (Gregory $ Wilson, 2018). All these suggestions point in the right direction towards achieving gun control. They are all possible if the right amount of energy and attention is given to the issue. Ohio can be the leading state and begin a journey that will help the rest of America regulate gun owners as well.Gun Control

In conclusion, having reviewed the number of young lives lost in gun-related incidences, it is easy to see why gun control is needed. Reviewing the new rights given to gun owners in Ohio showed the problems that could arise from them and the importance of gun control. Finally, all is not lost in the gun control battle because there are various ways in which to achieve effective gun control. Ohio only needs to make the right choices.




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