group think

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There are various aspects of group think in the excerpt, the first aspect is visible in the instance where Gavin suggests a company he knows not that the group has taken its time to vet the company but the group goes with the suggestion made by Gavin without thinking about it. Lucy goes along with whatever Gavin suggests and Steven says he has a meeting in the next five minutes therefore he does not give much attention to the matter at hand. In the end the meeting is adjourned after the group makes a unanimous decision to go for the firm that Gavin suggests. This is a psychological aspect of group think whereby all the members without assessing the available options proceed to support the firm in question.



The conditions that contributed to group think in this instance were first of all because Gavin did not do research on the matter but just went ahead and recommended his sisters firm, he just took his sister’s word for it. The second condition was because Lucy was too lazy to start to consider anything that Gavin was telling him she was just going to go along with whatever she was going to be told. The third condition was because Steven had another meeting which he probably considered more important than the one he was currently attending thus he just wanted a decision made to save on time.



To avoid groupthink, groups should ensure that each and every member does thorough research on the matter that is to be discussed, secondly the group should set up the meeting at a time convenient to all group members so that the group members give there best efforts to whatever will be discussed, finally the group members should not there interests before those that are to be discussed by the group.