Gratitude Component- feeling and emotion

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Gratitude Component- feeling and emotion

Feeling and emotions are part of a person’s everyday life. Some people choose to express them openly others are able to do so in a subdued way. In most a times, to even a great extent, we are defined by how well or terribly we can express our feelings. You have often heard of terms such as short tempered, cool among others, all used in an effort to describe different people. The underlining point of reference here is their different ways of expressing feelings and emotions. Again, in expressing oneself, a time s we required to consider the effect of the particular action or utterance to the surrounding people, especially their emotions and general feeling. My case for instance, I can come out as a short tempered person when provoked, to the extent of not putting into consideration other people’s situation. In the book Uninhabiting the violence of silencing by Naguib, several crucial issues have been highlighted matters the emotions and feelings of the surrounding people; the conventions of writing, activations of creativity while taking into consideration ethics among others.

Gratitude Component- feeling and emotion

Relationship to fear component

Relationship to fear factor has also been widely shown to influence the way in which people and interestingly animals do their things. Come to think of it, would you at any point think of taking something without consent from someone famously known for his stern actions against such? Your guess is as mine. Am personally afraid of snakes, the mention of a snake sends shrills and not at any time would I be settled until the snake is done away with. In the same manner, the level of inner or outer fear, determines the things one is involved in. in the process of writing, maintaining the recommended Dos and Don’ts, can be quite challenging. In most cases, there is freedom in expressing oneself. However,