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Gothic and Gender


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Gothic and Gender

Gothic literature explores several topics that relate to the life in the early 19th century. Some of these topics include gender, race and class. This era marked a period where the society in England as well as in America was experiencing drastic changes…………..

During this period, literature was under high censorship. Therefore, in such a society, women as Katherine Quinsey writes in “Eighteenth-Century Women Writers,” had to cautiously publish their works. The root for all this can be connected to men dominance in literary market. Women who wanted to compete on e………

Jane Eyre also wrote an educational novel that was going to transform the ay women acted and behaved in the society. She provided women with a new philosophy or approach to life that involved a different set……….

Bronte also used the character of Jane to show how women used to share information. Jane was not afraid of sharing her progressive ideas with other women. She believed it was through such ideas that women in……………

Additionally, Gilman was herself always aware of the fact that women in her time were often erroneously diagnosed to be suffering from ‘hysteria’. The common prescription for this condition was a rest cure…………

In ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’, she claimed that the male sex had not only dominated and monopolized all the human activities but also labeled them as ‘male’. This message particularly resonates in the book…………

Most of the books written always have a happy ending but this particular one does not fall in that category. So as to drive her point home, Gilman makes has a sad ending that serves the purpose of accentuating her story and stating the ills of gender discrimination in the society during that period. The sad ending……….

The message that the two authors- Charlotte and Gilman relating to gender politics also comes out clearly, as they address the role of women in politics. Initially, and in many jurisdictions, women were limited in terms of voting for leaders. They were also not allowed to be participant in vying for elective………

In conclusion, the gothic analyzed clearly expounds on the gender inequalities and oppression and the way………..