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Google play store

Google play store serves as a digital distribution service, which is responsible for the distribution of android applications (apks). Google the owners of Google play store found an efficient way in which to effectively distribute software to every android user. Though Google play store does not run on adds, it generates a generous amount of money as profit per year profits of about 25 billion dollars. To ensure such profits Google play store not only advertises itself but it also offers quality services such as hosting software at an affordable price, this encourages software developers to come up with better software since it is a platform whereby their software is used and remarks and ratings are made about the apk which can then be improved or changes made to it, to make it better, more user friendly, or even to overhaul the application.

Google play has come up with a way in which to properly and effectively effect in application purchases. This makes it easier for the user to buy resources that are not free in the application. Apart from in application purchases in google play store a developer can sell their application for a certain amount of money which is remitted directly to the developers account or another option set up is the developer can also earn money by putting advertisements in their application, therefore in this way the developer is paid per click of the add. The revenue earned from google is paid to the developers via the Google wallet or via Google ad-sense in some countries.

It should be noted that Google play makes some applications available free of charge in all countries while the applications that should be purchased are only available in about 135 countries, Google restricts the purchase or availability of some applications in some countries while it allows their purchase in other countries this is because some applications are specific in a way to some distinct