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Goals Priorities and Intentions Assignment (GPI)



Goals Priorities and Intentions Assignment (GPI)

Where I am.

My decision to come to the university to study goes beyond pursuing education and being awarded a degree certificate. I believe that apart from receiving the education being offered here, my experience at the university will give me the confidence and contribute to knowledge and skills that I need to improve my world and make it better. My view is that universities expose students to a host of opportunities and equip them to take control of their future. I am hopeful that after completing the Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership, I will be more attractive to potential employers given that degrees significantly improve a person’s job prospects. Therefore, the second reason that made me come to the university to study is to acquire the professional skills and knowledge that are relevant to my career of choice.

Goals Priorities and Intentions Assignment (GPI)

  1. Where I want to Go

After completing my studies, my plan is to build a career in finance. My expectation is that I will find a well-paying entry-level job in any company since such jobs demand less experience and do not involve a lot of responsibilities. I believe that starting at this level will expose me to more training. With time, I will start to climb the career ladder and eventually hold some of the senior-most position in my organization of choice.

I believe that the path I am on right now contributes to my preferred future in several ways. Students that have a bachelor’s degree in finance are among those with good job prospects. Additionally, the earning potential of professionals in this field is high. Moreover, studying finance will open a host of opportunities for me given that there is an unlimited range of careers I could pursue after my graduation. The knowledge that I am acquiring right now will prepare me to handle roles in insurance firms, investment, accounting firms, and even in the public sector. Presently, I spend some time studying. I also ensure that I complete my assignments on time. Moreover, I go to the gym regularly to stay healthy. Therefore, I have also made efforts to manage my health in addition to acquiring the skills and knowledge relevant to my future dream career.  .


  1. How to Get There

The two programs from KPU calendar that are of interest to me are the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Entrepreneurial Leadership program and the Health Care Assistant (HCA) program. To begin with, the business administration program will contribute significantly to my preferred future through internship and workshops initiatives. Pursuing this program means that I will be required to spend some time working with an organization of my choice before I complete my studies. I believe that this opportunity will give me a chance to interact and establish contacts with potential employers.Goals Priorities and Intentions Assignment (GPI)

I also believe that the Health Care Assistant (HCA) program will greatly enrich my university experience. The graduates that undertake this program are trained to function collaboratively as members of a team. I believe that the program will help me to acquire important teamwork skills. Moreover, graduates that pursue this program have a wide range of career opportunities that they can explore. It will also equip me with basic knowledge about remaining healthy throughout my stay at KPU and in the future.

  1. SMART goals
  For the Semester For the year Throughout my time at KPU
Goals Seek advice from each instructor at least once per term Get better grades Build an emergency fund. I want to buy a computer Stay healthy Improve my job interview skills
Smart During this semester, I would like to review my academic work with my tutors I want to score at least a B in each of my courses I want to build an emergency fund of $500 I would like to buy a computer that will assist me in doing research. I want to be healthy to study better I want to become confident during interviews and demonstrate that I have the potential to lead
Measurable For the next two months, I will have appointments with my tutors This term I will make an appointment with all my instructors.

I will ask for advice from them and ensure that I follow it

I will analyze the pocket money I receive from my parents, my daily expenses and emergency expenditure I encounter frequently I will set aside $5O every month from my pocket money Look for healthy meal recipes

Obtain an old bicycle that I will use to go to school

I will spend every Saturday searching for job interview tips
Achievable Before the end of this week, I will write an email to each of my tutors to inform them about this. I will come up with a weekly time schedule to ensure that I use my time well.

I will allocate more time to studying and completing assignments.

Every Monday, I will record the amount of cash I generate from part-time work and the amount I save each week. Every Sunday, I will note down the amount I save and the amount I earn from my part-time employment Cycle every day from home to school and back.

Cook and eat healthy food.

I will practice speaking skills and responding to sample job interviews.

I will identify some of the weak areas and improve on them

Relevant It is my tutors that understand my weaknesses and strength better. Their advice is crucial if I am to excel in academics Getting good grades is a priority if I am to achieve my dream career. I need to have an emergency fund that will help me concentrate more on academic because there can be emergency expenses such as buying a book online I would like to have my own computer so that I handle my assignments with ease. It is important to look after my own health to ensure that I do not fall sick and skip some classes. It is important to have these skills since after graduating from campus; I will attend numerous job interviews in search of employment.
Time-bound Before the start of the end-of-semester exams, I should have met all my tutors I must earn good grades by next major exam and in all assignments for this semester. I will save up to $500 in ten months’ time. Within 10 months, I will have saved $50o by putting aside $50 each month for this purpose. Lose 4 pounds within the first four months. By the time I leave KPU, I will be more confident and will be in a position to handle an interview effectively



  1. Weekly Timetable 2

Goals Priorities and Intentions Assignment (GPI)

Education 1100 Weekly Schedule   Name: Ahmed Aldossari
  Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
7:00 am Woke Up prepared breakfast Woke up

Checked my phone

Woke up Woke up   Woke up/

Checked my phone

Got to work
8:00 am Checked my weekly time schedule Showered Took a shower and prepared breakfast Took a shower and prepared breakfast Woke up

Checked my

Took a shower and prepared breakfast  
          phone /

Left bed

9:00 am Revised last what we learnt in class on Friday of the other week  Prepared breakfast Got ready/

Went to the gym


Prepared/ left for class Showered


Got ready to leave to class

Left for my part-time job  
    Took breakfast  Worked out   Commuting

Got to class

  Took a break/

Checked my phone

10:00 am Prayed and continued to revise  


  Had an appointment with one of my tutors Class started   Got back to work
    Began to study          


      Left for the gym Checked my phone and emails during break    
12:00 pm Cleaned my room Continued to study Left for home Got to the gym      
      Cooked lunch Worked out Left classroom/

Got to the mosque and prayed

Continued to work  
1:00 pm Cooked, washed dishes, and called my mom and brother Prayed

Cooked / Ate

Ate   Left the mosque /


Left my place of work  
  Continued to study Watched TV

/ Socialized with my roommate

  Left the gym


Got home /


Stopped to buy food


2:00 pm I had a conversation with my roommate Laundry Showered/





Got home.

Ate the food

Arrived home, took lunch, and left for the gym  
  Got ready/

Left to class

Played video games Socialized with my roommate Started working on my assignments   Got home


Got ready


3:00 pm We walked to the class Folded my clothes Called my family   Made calls to my dad, mom, and brothers Took a nap Left work


    Prayed   Called my family

Checked my social media apps

    Went grocery shopping
4:00 pm Got into class On my phone texting Got ready Watched Tv

Got back to work on my assignments

Prepared/ left for class Woke up  
    Left to work


Left to work/


    Prepared to go out shopping Commuted /

Got home

Put the groceries in the fridge

5:00 pm       Finished the assignment

Started to study

Got to classroom /

Checked my phone

Came back, cleaned my room, and socialized with some friends Started to cook/

Ate and watched Tv

        Prayed   Went to a restaurant Washed the dishes
6:00 pm Left for home, prayed     Reading for my class and my project research Went to the library for one hour to study Socialized as waited for the food/



Socialized with my roommate

Spent time on my phone

  Walked back home     Prayed   Left restaurant/commuted  
7:00 pm Reached home


Took a break


Took a break


Socialized with my roommate Got into the classroom

Class started

Got home

Changed my clothes/ prayed

Played video games
  Cooked Checked my phone Checked my phone Started texting and going through social media apps   Started to study Kept playing
8:00 pm Ate and watched tv       Went to pray /

Texted and checked my phone

Continued to study Checked my financial statements, my income from part-time job and my savings
  Washed the dishes     Got back to work on my project Got back to class   Go ready to get into bed/

Watched Netflix

9:00 pm Got to bed         Socialized with my roommate Kept watching
        Stopped working/

Spending time on my phone

Left the classroom/


Called my family


Kept watching
10:00 pm        


Got home/

Socialized with my roommate and friends

Kept talking on the phone

Played video games



Washed the dishes

Got ready for bed/

Got into bed

Fell asleep
11:00 pm   Goals Priorities and Intentions Assignment (GPI)   Stopped studying Started texting

Revised what we learnt in class

Watched Netflix  
        Cooked my evening meal


Watched soccer highlights

  Kept watching  
12:00 am   Finished work Finished work Washed the dishes/

Got ready to get into bed

Finished revising

Got ready to get into bed

Fell asleep  
    Got home / showered

Went to sleep

Got home / showered

Went to sleep

Checked my phone

Fell asleep

Fell asleep    




Activity Record

Activity Hours per week
Social media / TV / video games (screen time) 20
Sleep-goals Priorities and Intentions Assignment (GPI) 49
Work 10
Cooking 14
Lectures/assignments/ studying 40
Socializing 2
Gym 4
Showers 2
Eating 3
Laundry, cleaning and general errands 2



The changes that I accomplished this week had a great impact on my life. Allocating more time to studies meant that I would have minimal time to interact with my friends. I realized that before I made these changes, I used to spend very little time studying. From the first weekly activities table, it was evident that the television and social media dominated my time. Without a doubt, this time should have been spent in a better way: either studying or consulting my tutors.  Reviewing my first weekly schedule made me realize that I was not on the right path to attaining my career goals. Instead of waking up at nine or ten in the morning like I was used to, I had to adjust my time and wake up at 7 instead. By the end of the day, I felt that I had indeed achieved a lot. However, I could not achieve all of my goals. For instance, it was difficult for me to cycle to class because I did not have a bicycle.Goals Priorities and Intentions Assignment (GPI)

The results that I obtained speak volumes about my preferred future. By comparing my activities in the first week and the second week, I am convinced that the future that I envision is achievable. However, it will require a lot of hard work and dedication to do this. Spending too much time on social media and watching television does not add any value to my career aspirations. I realized that the manner in which I was pursuing my future was not effective.  Given that I came to this university to learn, there is a need for me to allocate more hours to studying.