The paper is the summary of the novel THE GOAL, which talks about the hard times Mr. Alex Rogo had as a plant manager to make sure his company din’t crumble during it’s hard times.

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Chapter 1
We are introduced to Mr. Alex Rogo who is a plant manager, as he drives in the plant he notices the car belonging to the Division Vice-president, Mr. Bill peach. Alex wonders what could have brought Mr. Bill in the plant. Customer order number 41427, the late shipment of almost all orders and the company losing money were the reason to why Mr. Peach was in the plant, the customer order was an overdue and Mr. Bill wanted it shipped as soon as possible. Mr. Alex walks into his office and found………………..

Chapter 2
As Mr. Alex goes home for dinner we are introduced to his wife Julie. They argued about the dinner and Julie seemed to dislike the town but Alex liked town, as he was driving back to the plant Alex was thinking about his life travels. He thinks about a plant that was closed some time back and how he went to see it with hopes that one day when his plant needs more space he might buy the abandoned plant………………….

Chapter 3
Mr. Peach has called a meeting at the headquarters for his plant managers and his staff. He also asked them to go with reports that will help go through the assessment of the Division operations. Nathan Selwin told Alex that the company has been give up to the end of the year to improve failure to which it will be sold. The division was on shortfall of cash and the meeting was on how they can meet those………….

Chapter 4
Alex thinks about a recent business trip as the meeting continues. At O’Hare airport Alex meets an old physicist professor by the name Jonah. Alex is surprised with how Jonah knew how his plant is doing even though Jonah has no idea where Alex is employed…………………..

Chapter 5
During the meeting short break Alex decides to leave since he felt like the meeting wasn’t for him. He dint know where he was exactly going but he needed a drive to think about the goal of his company………………..