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GM Worker’s “Customer Value” Proposition



GM Worker’s “Customer Value” Proposition

The majority of GM’s workforce has worked with the company for years and is, therefore, better positioned to address the demands of the organization’s most crucial constituents: customers and shareholders. Moreover, they can contribute to successful value creation for the company based on their experience. Throughout the years that the company has been in operation, its workforce has adhered to the fundamentals of manufacturing, which are basically producing quality products, offering them at a competitive price, and ensuring that they are delivered to the market on time (Hill, 2017). Moreover, the employees have demonstrated their commitment to tomorrow’s survival of GM by focusing on continuous improvement of processes, services, and products that they offer. Based on these views, GM should continue to manufacture in Canada by introducing new vehicles such as hybrid trucks and cars, whose acceptance in the market seems to be the biggest opportunity at present.

The Best Strategy for Employees in the Workforce at GM

The employee’s presently working at GM should consider transferring to SUV or truck factories.  According to the Associated Press (2018), trucks and SUVs accounted for nearly 70% of 2018’s new vehicle sales. Therefore, these factories are likely to increase their production level and as a result demand for more workforces.

What is Unique to GM Today?GM Worker’s “Customer Value” Proposition

GM’s plans to restructure and its decision to focus on electric and autonomous vehicles has made the automaker unique in the industry. It is surprising that the company is abandoning the car models that helped it become the leading automobile maker in the US. It is also surprising that the company is focusing more on becoming leaner even when there is no likely economic downtown in the near future.

The “winning Sustainable Competitive” Advantage for GM With Regards to the Customer Value PropositionGM Worker’s “Customer Value” Proposition

According to Kissinger (2017), the winning sustainable competitive advantage for GM with regard to the customer value proposition is cost leadership. The company has used this particular generic strategy to create competitive advantage by capitalizing on low costs attractiveness, which in turn results in products of low prices.  For instance, the company’s automobiles are far cheaper than those offered by premium or luxury car makers such as Mercedes Benz. Over the years, the relatively low prices of these products have attracted many customers, who have given GM its competitive advantage.





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