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George Herbert “Easter Wings”


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Author—George Herbert “Easter Wings”

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George Herbert

One of the resonating factors in the poetry that George Herbert wrote is the unhappiness that surrounded his life for most of the time. The poems are full of distressed evaluation of his motivation, self-doubt, and complaint. Usually, these uncertainties are resolved in an organized manner at the end of the poem, with the acknowledgment of God’s presence and promises in a psalmist capacity. Some of these immaculate resolutions are more compelling than others.

The honesty in the fears, struggles and doubts of Herbert’s life as a Christian can be attributed to the incessant appeal as a poet. His anguish and doubts concerning his vocation in life resonate even with individuals who do not share the same faith as Herbert. From a tender age, Herbert was distressed by the uncertainty of his talents and life. Born in a noble family, Herbert had a charmed life and had the best of education at Westminster School and Cambridge University. Upon his graduation, he immediately commenced assisting the University orator in his works. Soon enough, Herbert rose to the job of the University orator tasked with the mandate of writing letters and speeches on behalf of the University to various dignitaries. For instance, he would pen down letters and speeches to courtiers, Kings, nobles as well as foreign dignitaries depending on the occasion. Given the prominence of his position in the University, a court appointment seemed imminent with his expectations being appointed to the position of the secretary of state.

Nonetheless, Herbert’s consideration had always been to be ordained, and he immensely relished the academic study of divinity. The uncertainty and agony of which…….

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