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Generation Millennial


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Generation Millennial

  • Introduction
  1. The Millennial Generation as well as its parent are impacting on all aspects of higher education. Millennial Generation is very active and has been instrumental in enhancement of learning process in colleges.
  2. How has Millennial Generation affected higher education?
  3. The purpose of this summary is to dig deep into Millennial Generation and examine how parental participation has affected the environment of higher education.
  • Body
  1. The Millennials
  2. Parental influence of Boomer on the Millennials
  3. Influence of Generation X on Millennials
  4. Impact of Generation X in Education
  • Conclusion
  1. Millennial Generation, Generation X and Boomers Generation have all influenced higher education. However, Generation X has been very critical in ensuring proper learning of Millennial Generation. This has been through creation of strong family and keen monitoring of Millennial Generation.
  2. The research did not indicate how the three generations have worked together to see developments. It has concentrated on how generations affected each other and not how they worked together to change a certain aspect of education.
  3. Further research can be done to examine whether Millennial generation has started fading away. The research should show whether Millennial Generation is evolving with time or whether it is slowly being replaced by another generation.