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Gap Analysis
Job title as per job ad:  Book Keeping Administration Officer
Requirements for job as stated in job ad / PD Competency rating (1 – 5) Evidence of competency – achievement statements
Previous experience in finance/ admin position 5 Book keeper for six months at Australian Cancer Society.
High attention to detail/ fast and accurate data entry skills 4 Recording customer care feedback as a media designer
Excellent Microsoft excel skills 5 Used Microsoft Excel as a book keeper
Professional telephone manner and excellent communication 5 Worked as a call operator in a telecom company / was in charge of communicating with new students
Ability to work autonomously and in a team environment 5 I have been a part of a team in school groups and work places.
Experience with Xero Accounting Software is essential 1 I can learn to use it.Gap Analysis
Experience within building industry desirable 1 I am looking forward to gaining experience
Accounts payable/ receivable 4 I have handled small accounts previously as a book keeper
Accounts Administration 3 I have handled account information as a book keeper
General Office Administration 5 Excellent telephone skills and great with visitors and new people
Mail 5 Front office skill set


According to the competency rating, I qualify as an intermediate. This is because I have previous successful experience from book keeping and as a call operator. Most of the skills required are also supported by the roles I have played in different organizations. I however have to learn some more on Xero accounting software and get a little experience within the building industry so I cannot call myself an expert yet.Gap Analysis








Table 1b

Job title Book keeping Administration Officer
Step # Goal Action Dates
1 Learn Xero Accounting Software ·         Enroll in a part-time college class teaching how to use the software.

·         Practice using the software on my own to ensure I am familiar with all the contents and how to use it.

2 months
2 Learn the basics of the building industry ·         Research and read books on the building industry accounts.

·         Visit construction sites and ask for a hands on experience as a volunteer accounting officer

·         Learn what the accounts of the building industry contain and familiarize with invoices

4 months


Question 2

Video Transcript-Gap Analysis

Good morning. I am c b. I have a Diploma in Business and another one in English. I am interested in the book keeping position that just opened in Blag Homes. You should consider me because I have previous work experience in finance as a book keeper, I have excellent communications skills having worked as a call operator previously and I function well in groups. I enjoy being a team player. If I get a chance at Blag Homes, I will work best to improve the face of real estate management. I will work hard to attain company finance goals and win new potential investors. I will be attentive to my superiors’ orders and get work done on time. I can work under pressure as I have stress management skills. I work under minimal supervision and I have excellent networking skills that will come in handy in promoting the business. I look forward to being a part of your team and help propel the company forward. The company goals will be my goals as well. Thank you for setting aside time for me.


Question 3a

Story A: Dealing with people

I enjoy people and meeting new people is always a new and welcome experience. Back in my campus days, I served as a newcomer supervisor. My first month into the job was a tough one. I had to receive new students and help them settle in the campus. I was responsible for ensuring that they filled all their paper work and it was also my duty to introduce them to the new city. I was supposed to do all this and still focus on school work and attain good grades. It was challenging when all the new students called me with their problems because I was their first point of contact. I received calls at odd hours, had to help newcomers familiarize themselves with the campus grounds and settle in. It was a lot of work.

I realized that I needed to deal with the challenge of helping newcomers settle in and manage school work at the same time. I made it clear to them that they could not call during class hours and gave them the best time to call. Because they needed to tour the school, I organized a group tour to all important parts of the campus. To introduce them to the city, we set aside two weekends where we travelled together for sight-seeing.

The result is that I got enough study time, made new friends and helped newcomers have a comfortable stay in new grounds. I accomplished my duty expertly.

Key Competencies from the Story

  • Proper time management
  • Networking skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Team player


Story B: Winning Dorothy Cyr English Award-Gap Analysis

In my time as a student of the English language, a competition at the college was announced. The award being competed for was presented each year to the best student. The best student was one who portrayed the ability to communicate effectively in English, write a proper essay based on the given topic and perform well at a question and answer session. To receive the award, one also had to stand before an audience and tell the audience the story of their personal life. I wanted the award badly but I had two challenges. I was not a very good English speaker at the time and I was shy too. The idea of standing before a crowd made me embarrassed.

However, my need to win that award made me spring into action. First, I had to learn proper sentence structure. I made appointments with teachers to review my progress on written work. To improve my communication skills, I practised on friends and watched television show interviews to understand how to better my skills. To overcome my shyness, I learnt to maintain eye contact with strangers and learnt to improve self-image through confidence.

The results were amazing because my confidence improved and I was no longer shy. Learning to communicate in English effectively with teachers and friends improved my spoken and written English. I won the Dorothy Cyr English Award because I rose above my challenges.

Key Competencies from the Story

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Stress management
  • Self-motivation
  • Problem solving skills

Question 3b

Digital interviews versus Face to face interviews

In a digital interview that is AI assessed, I would consider venue and background, word choice, facial expressions and face presentation, preparedness, video etiquette and answering questions right the first time


A digital interview gives a person only one chance. It is therefore important that one is ready. If I was to do a digital interview, I would pick up neutral coloured clothes early in advance. Brightly coloured clothes may not look too good in a video. Secondly, I would check to see if my laptop is working well and do a test run of the camera. I would also clean the camera for a proper image presentation. I would also ensure that my laptop is fully charged to avoid battery low instances where the machine shuts down before the interview is over. I would also check my internet connection and make sure it is reliable. In a face to face interview, all this things would not be very important.

Venue Gap Analysis

In a face to face interview, I would have an already prepared venue by the company interviewing me. However, in a digital interview, I get to choose the venue. I would ensure that the lighting is good, not too bright or too dim. I would also ensure the background is presentable and clean. I would also have family and pets away from the venue as the two could easily ruin an interview if they walked in.



Word choice

AI looks at word choice keenly so I would pick proper words to present my answers. I would answer with full sentences and watch my vocabulary. This is unlike a regular interview where one just talks.

Face Presentation

AI analyses the face keenly too just like word choice. I would ensure my face is clean and presentable. I would practise facial expressions before the interview. During the interview I would aim for a relaxed facial expression. I would check not to smile or laugh unnecessarily or yawn as this would be interpreted negatively by AI.

Answering Questions

I would ensure to wait till the question is fully asked before I can answer. Taking time to provide the right answers is also good because unlike a face to face interview, one cannot ask for a repeat of the question.

Video Etiquette-Gap Analysis

During the interview, I would ensure that all backgrounds in my computer are closed. No Google or chatting with friends during the interview.


Question 3c

Job Search Strategy

  1. Online Searches

I would first identify a job website such as Seek Adelaide. Because job sites have a variety of jobs, I would go through the search. I would make the search customized in terms of career field, possible salary and time basis of weather it is a full time job or a part time job. If I get a job I am interested in, I would go through the provided steps towards applying the job. If I do not find a job that captures my interest, I would submit my preferences to the job website so that they can send me a notification if my job of interest showed up. This way, I would receive alerts on time and apply for the job within the time limit given. Once I have applied for the job and not yet received a response, I would make a follow-up call to establish status. Suppose I am told I did not qualify for an interview, I would thank the person on the other end for setting aside time to talk to me. If I am informed that an interview has been set up, I would enquire the dates and venue then thank the respondent for their time. I would then get ready for the interview.

  1. Physical searches

I would locate physical addresses of companies of interest. I would then drop my already written resume along with a personalized cover letter to their offices. I would then wait patiently for communication. If they do not communicate in two weeks, I would then call to ask if they received my resume. If they did, I would ask them to send a response once they have reviewed it.




Career Objective

I have two years’ experience of dealing with new people as a newcomer supervisor and as a book keeper. My communication skills are excellent and my networking skills help me make friends for life. With these skills, I would be a good candidate for the customer care job your company is advertising. I am friendly so I promise that customers will keep coming back and bring friends along too. My communication skills will come in handy when I have to deal with unsatisfied customers. My certificate in first aid is an additional advantage if the company lacks a first aider.


           PROFESSIONAL Experience-gap Analysis

Australian Cancer Society

Bookkeeper     Jan 15- Jul 16, 2009

Achievements and Contributions

  • Front office: check in and out books
  • Accounting: managing smaller office accounts.
  • Filling: ensuring that all document are filed

Students Society, Australia

Newcomers’ supervisor     Jun 20-Aug 29, 2009

Achievements and Contributions

  • Welcoming : ensuring that all new students are picked from the airport
  • Supervising: ensuring that all new students have registered for the right courses and Medicare
  • Hosting: showing the students around campus and various city destinations

Youth Development Society, Australia

Media Designer    Jan 05-March 10, 2010

Achievements and Contributions

  • Colour coordination: selecting the right colours for logos
  • Graphics: developing graphics on the website
  • Customer care: look at customer feedback and creating a survey that represents their needs
  • Designing logos: preparing the final logo layouts

Professional development

Medical Certificate in First aid, 2014

King Khaled Hospital

Telecom Company call operator 2013


University of South Australia –Diploma in Business, 2018

University of Australia –Diploma in English, 2015

Academic Achievements

Dorothy Cyr English Award, 2015


Skills Gained

  • Stress management
  • Minimal work supervision
  • Improved Communication skills
  • Networking skills


  • Sky diving
  • Books
  • Sports
  • Camping
  • Travelling


A two year scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education to study abroad