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Frictional Distillation


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Frictional Distillation

  1. Title of the experiment; Frictional Distillation
  2. Lab Partners, TA name
  3. Purpose statement- separation of two miscible liquids i.e. Cyclohexane and Toluene, using simple and fractional distillation. Then compare the effectiveness of simple and fractional distillation…..
  4. Discuss which technique, simple distillation or fractional distillation, shall be the most efficient on purifying the mixture of solvents? Elaborate        ……
  5. Which solvent should be distillated first, cyclohexane or Toluene? Elaborate……
  6. How the RI measurements support (or not?) your expectations in the item b?…….
  7. Making use of the RI measurements, explain if your distillation was successful………..
  8. Would re-distillation of individual fractions improve the purification of individual solvents? Elaborate….