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Freedom Writers


‘Freedom writers’ is a dramatic film that was released on 5th January 2007. The MTV films movie directed by Richard LaGravenese is based on a book written by teacher Erin Gruwell called ‘Freedom Writers Diary’. The movie portrays a young teacher who struggles to inspire her class of racial and undisciplined students unlike what she expected, to “learn tolerance, apply themselves and pursue education beyond high school level (“IMDb”). The director of the movie applies various communication skills among them interpersonal communication, intrapersonal communication and both verbal and non-verbal cues in the film with aim of efficiently communicating with the viewers. The communication skills play a vital role in depicting the different characters of the cast. This papers analyses the different communication skills employed in the film ‘Freedom Writers’ clearly defining the skills and their significance in the movie.


Intrapersonal communication is one of the communication skills that is employed in the film ‘Freedom Writers’. This form of communication occurs within one’s self (Barker and Wiseman). Unlike interpersonal communication where two or more people are often involved in the communication process, intrapersonal communication involves a single individual who reflects upon him or herself with an aim of clarifying something that is of great concern. Intrapersonal communication encompasses three main concepts. These are self-conception, perception and expectation (“Alone in Asia”). Self-conception is portrayed by how an individual sees him or herself. In the film ‘Freedom Writers’, self-conception is portrayed by the enthusiasm in teacher Erin. As a young teacher, Erin is excited about her new teaching job at Woodrow Wilson high school because of the adoration of both teaching as a career and her students and she tells herself what a pleasant experience that will be.However, upon meeting her students and seeing the culture of her new school, her enthusiasm is sadly challenged when she realizes her class is composed of undisciplined students.