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Forms of government


The paper talks about the forms of government such as democratic, oligarchy and aristocratic forms and how revolutions arises from this forms of government.

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All forms of government be it Democracy or Oligarchy acknowledge justice and proportionate equality, in democracy when people are equal in one aspect they believe to be equal in all other aspects while in oligarchy when people are unequal in one aspect they are considered to be unequal in all aspects. Revolution is often stirred when the different parties feel that their share in the government does not accord with their preconceived ideas, men of high rank also claim superiority since they come from wealthy and virtue ancestors……………..

Insolence and avarice contributes to creation of revolution such as when the magistrates are insolent and conspire against one other and against the constitution from which they get powers and making their gains in expense of individuals or the public. Honor on the other hand has a great influence in the rise of government revolution, dishonored men and who sees others obtaining honor end up in rebellion since underserved honor or dishonor is unjust but just when served according to merit. Thus revolution can be started by the dishonored individuals who feel they have been oppressed in expense of others to be honored unjustly……………….

Quarreling of the people in power in most cases leads to division of a state and split people in portions which are the genesis of potential revolution. Aristotle gave an example of a love-quarrel between men of the government which led to the splitting of people in portions. The beginning of an evil should be observed and dealt with to save the constitution of a state. When there is little or no middle class and the rich and the people are equally balanced, revolution may arise since if one side of the parties show superiority, the other side will not risk attacking them, but people with virtue are usually the minority who are the beginning of revolution and disturbance…………………
In democracy revolution begins by the leaders of the people or demagogues who lay information against rich men thus compelling them to combine, or going to public and stir up people against them. For instance at Cos the democracy was overthrown because the wicked demagogue arose causing the notables to combine……………..