Buy Existing Paper - For the Final Nacerima paper


For the Final Nacerima paper, please submit  the following 4 elements:

  1. Final Research Plan (15 points)
  2. Final Paper (80 points)
  3. Terminology Conversion Table (15 points)
  4. Explanation of Feedback Incorporation (15 points)

Specifics about the components are below

  1. Your updated and completed research plan. This a final of your research plan. Please incorporate all previous comments and feedback.
  2. Your 1,500-word Nacirema assignment paper draft.Your paper should be based on the research plan that you submitted and received feedback on, and on the data that you subsequently collected. Remember that the Nacirema article conceals the terms we are used into words and phrases that seem exotic and unfamiliar, so “doctor” became “medicine man,” “hospital” became “latipso,” and “bathroom” became “body shrine.” Your task is to describe the event or context you studied but to also make it seem exotic and strange. In other words, you are providing an ethnocentric description as if you are a traveler from another world. Your essay should include:

Your question(s)

– Your methods                                      

– Your ethical considerations

– Your “thick description” that tags between describing what the rituals of the space are and your creative analysis of it that makes the culture appear strange.

  1. Terminology Conversion Table. Since you will be using creative terms to describe everyday people, items, behaviors, and processes in your essay, you will need to supply a table that tells us which words you have substituted. For example, below is what a conversion table for the original Nacirema piece might look like:

Grading-for the Final Nacerima paper

As always, the papers need to be:

  • well organized: with an introduction, well-flowing middle section, and conclusion, as well as good transitional sentences between paragraphs and sections;
  • well written: with good grammar and language throughout, using formal academic English and creative exposition;
  • well described and well argued: with a rich thick description of the space, event or activity that you participated in and a strong ethnocentric analysis of what the rituals of the field site reveal about the culture of the people you studied.
  • These three components will be used to grade your final assignments in November.

For best results, please re-read the 3-page Nacirema article we began the semester with. Analyze it for content and structure in order to get some inspiration for your own piece. You will find a link to it in the Syllabus and under Readings in Module 1. You will also find links to other Nacirema-style pieces in the Lecture Slides from 8.16.