How the food Giants Hooked Us

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The paper talks about how food manufactures has adopted the biological, chemical, and physical methods to make people crave for sugar foods.



The biological, chemical and physical reasons that often result in sugar craving have been achieved through both research and scientific experiments. This knowledge has since been adopted by different food manufacturers with an aim of solving this sugar crave suffered by almost every healthy and normal individual. Despite the knowledge on the causes of sugar crave, food manufacturers still are faced with the challenge of satisfying the sugar crave. They are faced with the challenge of how to make this consumers crave their specific products………………………..

In order to lure consumers into consuming a certain brand of products, producers need to offer the consumers with different variations of the same product in order to satisfy different types of consumers who prefer different taste and preferences. This can be achieved through optimization (Moss). During the optimization process, food producers should alter the variables that make the food products attractive. This variables include flavor, color, smell, taste and even packaging. This different variables when slightly altered, can result to different versions of the same product that are originally similar but with slightly altered variations. This products can then be tested and the best variation preferred by different types of customers confirmed. This is the bliss point. The bliss point would therefore contain the adequate amount of sugar levels that are preferred by the consumers. This is a great concern for the food producers because I believe enticing people to identify with their products results into increase in direct sales realized by the producers. Through the example of Dr. Pepper’s company, the idea of attaining the bliss point in production seem to have worked in ensuring that consumers are attracted to a certain brand……………………………

The main purpose of food manufacturing companies still remain the ability to make profits in order for the company to have perpetual existence. This can only be achieved through luring different consumers into consuming their products. The producers therefore need to achieve the different levels of satisfaction that would lure the consumers into consuming more of their products……………………………….