Five fallacies about racism



Five fallacies about racism

-Individualistic fallacy- refers to the group of thoughts that a racist person possesses

-Tokenism fallacy- Refers to the belief by the people in top management who believe that racism is over because of the presence of the belief that their best friends are black

-Legalistic fallacy- Banning of the discrimination law is the route that leads to the dismantling of racism

-Fixed fallacy- this refers to the belief by some individuals that racism is constant

-Ahistorical fallacy- is the belief that history never existed

  1. The areas of life affected by racism are



-Courts (law)


-economic opportunities

  1. Institutional racism- refers to the racial discrimination that is seen as normal behavior in the society or an organization

Interpersonal racism- Occurs when people are interacting with each other

  1. Symbolic violence when it comes to race means the discrimination that is implemented via cognition or knowledge
  2. One of the reasons that has been given for the African American dominance of Basketball (together with the Jews) is that these two groups were isolated.

Similarly, genetic forces have been given as the reasons why they are better than the other groups

  1. The African Americans
  2. -The whites receive better medical care since they visit better hospitals

– The whites receive a better education

– It is easier for a white to get employment

– It is less likely for policemen to shoot the whites

-A white kid is innocent-five fallacies about racism

  1. White privilege refers to situations when some societies favor some people because they have white skins. For instance, white people are seen as being more intelligent than the Blacks, the whites earn more than the Blacks, the Whites receive better medical care than the Blacks
  2. James Baldwin
  3. According to the authors, the race is a symbolic category because it has been tailored according to historical and particular social contexts.
  4. The difference between race and ethnicity is that race is related to biology while ethnicity has a correlation with culture
  5. The case of Abdullah Dolla

In this case, the judge applied ocular proof to establish the whiteness of an individual. When Dolla applied to be considered as a citizen of the US, she was denied and the judges argued that she was nonwhite because she was a native of India

  1. The race has always remained more fluid in the US
  2. Tim Wise is a US citizen who is a racism activist and a writer
  3. According to Tim Wise, the white race did not exist. However, the increase in the number of immigrants in America who came as slaves led to the emergence of different classes that led to the white race.
  4. An indentured servant was a laborer in a contract agreeing to work for an employer for a number of years in exchange for transportation, food, and clothing. They mainly came from Africa as slaves.
  5. According to Wise, the US civil war was fought for the preservation of the union
  6. An example of the “a few of the carrots” thrown to the whites by the slaves was the failure of the slaves to enter into contracts to work for the whites
  7. The white undermined the white working class job because they increased the competition for these jobs and thus making them less available to the Whites
  8. The Blacks and other races were evacuated ensuring that it is the whites who remained in town.Five fallacies about racism