Buy Existing Paper - Final memo that talks about how is the course going so far-English 102


Final memo that talks about how is the course going so far-English 102


write a Final memo that talks about how is the course going so far, what was beneficial for my learning, what is my progress in the class, how do you feel about the class, what are my goals for future. note: i am an international student, so you can say that this class is helping me to enhance my writing, learning new writing styles. we have done Four papers in this class. (I’ve attached both papers) Also, I’ve attached further instructions.

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Final Memo-Final memo talks course going far-English 102
English 102 has been one exciting unit. When I began the English 102 class, I had assumed that it was all about reading and writing. In this respect, I expected it to be easy. I also assumed that I would not learn much, other than fulfilling the requirements of my course. It was not long before I was proved wrong. The class proved to be tough. Firstly, I had to attend all the classes to ensure that I was on par with the course outline. I have learned a lot of new things in the English 102 class. The first lesson was critical thinking. Critical thinking entails making analyses and questioning different aspects of literature. The skill allowed me to improve my thinking ability and helped me understand virtues and values of the society in a different way. The essay assignments that we were asked to do in class helped me improve this essential skill. In this class I have also learned how to write essays that serve different purposes. There are critical analysis essays, argumentative essays, scientific reports, and many others. My communication skills have also improved remarkably because of the class. Therefore, the English 102 class has become a vital part of my learning process. It expands one’s mind and makes them develop their critical thinking abilities.
One of the requirements to fulfill the course objective of the English 102 class was to pass the writing unit. In this respect, several writing assignments were issued to sharpen our writing skills. I feel the fourth assignment was my strongest paper of all the writing assignments given. The paper was about the sustainability of the Middle East economy in the premises of its dependence on oil. The problem of energy sustainability always affects everyone. The Middle East has been at the forefront supplying the world’s energy needs for decades. Countries like Dubai fascinate me with their glitz and glamour, and I wanted to know if that could be sustained even if the oil resources are depleted. Therefore, the assignment was personal. I am proud of the fact that the essay displays my skills in critical reasoning and analysis of literature. I was able to do research and make a conclusion concerning the state of the economy of the Middle East. It shows how well my critical reasoning skills have developed to be. ………………