Final DLP Reflection



Final DLP Reflection


The different journals have enabled me to better my understanding on how I can be able to better my plan to use technology in teaching science. From the sources, I learned number of issues that positively affected my discipline. Firstly, an issue that was always reiterated was the need to always have the students actively involved in the learning process. They can be actively involved in different ways. For example, they can be the ones who are supposed to come up with the teaching plan, they can come up with the storypaths, or read as they mark their texts. By doing this, I can make them more interested in learning science and better their process of retaining whatever we are learning. For instance, in my researched discipline, I will ensure that my students are the ones to operate the machines. Consequently, they will understand issues such as the mechanisms it uses to run and further how it makes teaching science easier.

Secondly, these sources have made me question myself on what are the needs of my students. It was evident that I need to ensure that the success of the lesson needs to ensure that it addresses the needs of the children. These sources have made me move away from the thought that the teacher’s way is the right way. Therefore, I have decided to always collaborate with my students during the lessons. In addition, I have learnt that I can learn my students by just studying them. I can come with questionnaires or just listen to them speak in class.

Thirdly, the sources have further reiterated the importance of collaboration with other stakeholders. These include, the policy developers, the parents, researchers, and the students. As we join hands, we are sable to give the students a better learning experience. For example, we can work together with the literacy experts to ensure that we can amend the curriculum to include the use of different forms of technology when teaching science. Therefore, it is important that we all do our research and give the students a chance to be molded into better members of the society.

Fourthly, I realized that our education system does not meet its main purpose. As teachers, we always try to make sure that our students are able to gain information that will help them pass their examination. However, we are required to try to prepare our students for life after school. This means that as teachers, we should think of our disciplines in the 21st century. With an issue like technology, it can become obsolete overnight. Therefore, we need to always be abreast with the changing times. It means that we must always be studying and carrying out research. I was of the opinion that when in practice, all I need is to formulate one curriculum and use it to teach year in year out. However, one thing that I realized from these journals is that every class is unique. Therefore, we must ensure that we change our modes of teaching to meet their demands.

Fifthly, I learnt that there are certain skills that my students must have for them to get the maximum output from my studies. These include, skills such as critical thinking and question formulation. With these simple skills, my students will understand whatever they are reading more and further be able to retain more. As a result, we will be preparing them for both the class today and the coming years.

Lastly, I realized the importance of the environment that the child needs to study in. It is the duty of both the parents, teachers, and the administration to make the environment conducive. These include both the physical classroom layout and even their ability to talk to each other. For example, we should ensure that we give the students a chance to attend the technology fairs and the science contests in order for them to understand what forms of technology we can incorporate as we learn science. However, I am still required to ensure that I involve them when changing the class. It gives them a sense of belonging which results in them easily adopting these changes.

Conclusively, I have learnt that we must always prepare our students to develop their communication skills in the classroom. They must always be able to better air their thoughts during the lesson. They should learn the scientific jargon and know how to differentiate their target audience. When they are explaining to a fellow student should be different from how they explain to me or a layman.

Part 2 Final DLP Reflection

Part 2: Now think about the other disciplines your colleagues researched. What new knowledge did you gain about the literacy practices unique to those disciplines? What did you learn about the skills you need to teach students so they can read, investigate, speak, debate, and write about those other disciplinary areas?


Part 3 Final DLP Reflection

Among the areas that greatly affect my inquiry process were the interviews. From the myriad of individuals that I conducted the interview on, I was able to get first information on different disciplinary literacies. I was able to get information from scientists, social scientists, teachers of literature, and motivational speakers. In most cases, they were able to reiterate whatever I had studies form the books. Further, they were able to expound on the issues at hand. As a result, I had better insight on the disciplinary literacies.

In addition, looking at other texts helped me understand whatever I was researching on more. As I read these books and journals, I was able to increase my knowledge and the effects that technology would have on science. In addition, I understood the challenges that it may face as I tied to implement it. Consequently, by comparing these issues, I was able to make a decision on whether this venture was worth being implemented on not. In addition, I realized the cure for this problem.

Throughout this study, I have had to always write reports. The process required that I think deeply of what the main points were. In addition, I had to think how it will affect my career in the coming future. Therefore, I can confidently say that this work steered me to the right direction both as a student and a future teacher. I developed my inquiry, writing, and analysis skills. As I did my mandated assignments, I developed these skills. With my experience and learning, I have understood what it entails to develop these skills. I will use this information to develop the learning abilities of my future class. Final DLP Reflection

Lastly, the presentation helped me in the process of summarizing my work and better communication skills. I was able to understand how best to pass information to the students and further how to tackle their answers. Therefore, this will mold me into a great public speaker both in school and later in life. In addition, I understood how to come up with the best presentations. This is in terms of the visual components of my slides.

Conclusively, these works and experiences have molded me both in my life as a teacher and a future teacher. Since they have been from the different disciplines, I have known how I am supposed to deal with different classrooms. I have further understood the skills that my students require when carrying out the mandated tasks. Therefore, it gives me the ability of ensuring that they are better people in the society.