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Fin – FET Device

Fin FET device is a multi-gate transistor also known as a multiple gate field effect transistor. This is because of its ability to incorporate more than a single gate into a single device. This multiple gates have the abilities of functioning at the same time and can all be controlled by a single gate electrode. According to Moore’s law, “the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years”. The innovation of Fin FET transistors is therefore an extension of Moore’s law by the semiconductor manufacturers. This type of innovation has enabled the manufacturers create the recent small micro-processors and memory cells.

The technological innovation of the multi-gate transistors can be found in a number of variations. These variations are often classified as mainly planer and non-planar transistors. However, these transistors can also be differentiated according to the number of gates or channels functioning in the single devices. Examples of planar double gate transistors include; Planar double gate transistor, Flex FET and Fin FET. An example of a non-planar resistor is the tri-gate transistor often used by the Intel. This document analyses the Fin FET transistor which is among the double gate classification type of transistors.

Fin FET is an example of transistor used in the design and modelling of modern transistors. The name “Fin FET was first used in the University of California by some researchers who called themselves Berkeley researchers. This team constituted of three lecturers of the University of California among them Professor Chenming Hu, King Liu and Jeffrey Bokor. The term Fin FET was used by this team in trying to describe a double gate

non-planar transistor. Unlike the older versions of transistors also known as the DELTA or single gate transistor, the Fin FET transistors were built on SOI substrate (Huang’ p.67).

The Fin Field Effect Transistor is a type of what is referred to as non-planar or even 3D transistors. Just like the previous planar designs, the Fin FET devices are also built on silicon on insulator substrate. The difference between Fin FET and the previous versions of planar designs is that in the design of Fin FET, a conducting channel is often incorporated and it