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Film on Super Size Me

  1. State whether this is the first time you have seen Super Size Me or whether you have viewed this film before. Also, describe your current weekly fast food intake, e.g. once, twice, three times +per week and the names of the fast food restaurants you frequent.

Super Size Me is a new film to me since I have not watched is before. Ever since, I have been in love with fast food which is French fries. Since it is the most delicious and a meal that can be eaten at any time of the day or accompanying all meals, I prefer it much and take it frequently. I eat French fries thrice a week from different outlets. The fast food outlets I commonly get French fries from include Carl’s Jr, Arby’s and Panda Express. The prices of these joints are affordable and they have the best services which makes me check in all the time.

  1. Explain how this film is related to the NF 5/15/27 course by referencing at least three (3)Film on Super Size Me

Different facts/concepts discussed in the film. Clearly identify “how” these facts/concepts are Related to NF 5/15/27.    

According to Spurlock’s film and his investigation, he relates all his activities with food and nutrition since his experimentation touches on diet and nutritional value of food. Through his experience from his food intake from McDonald’s fast food outlet, he ends up eating all his meals from there and reduces the exercise especially walking. This is related to the chapter on fitness where exercise is considered the best weapon to reduce obesity. The burning of calories and cholesterol reduction is therefore very important, and it can be all solved through walking for some miles depending on somebody’s weight which, Spurlock avoided

The weight gain by Spurlock is also a factor to relate with food and nutrition. He gains 11.1 kilograms and there is increase in cholesterol in his body. This is directly connected to the eating habit to be considered in dietary, food and nutrition. According to the dietary requirement, the body should be cholesterol free or very minimal presence of it present. Balanced diet with more fruits and vegetables should be included in all meals. The relationship is Spurlock concentrates in junk food which affects his body functioning for example, sexual disfuntioning while according to nutrition; all diet taken should improve health and ensure the body functions well. The increase in diseases is accompanied with poor eating habit and lack of balance diet intake. The useful food therefore, turns to be poisonous if taken in large quantities. The eating disorder therefore can turn to be so much hazardous to humans just as it happened to him.Film on Super Size Me

Apart from that, his research from the film is related to getting solution for poor nutrition and obesity. This is a key role of studying food and nutrition where a solution to control such is given. It is evident that majority of the population in the United States visit the fast food outlet hence end up with different complications and poor eating habit. To solve this there is solution through educating people on, Child, Complementary feeding, Controlling the global obesity epidemic, and Dietary recommendations / Nutritional requirements. This makes Spurlock’s experience and experimentation relevant to the course as through his one month experience, he admits that majority of people are suffering due to the poor nutrition and therefore, he is ready to get solutions for them.


  1. Indicate whether viewing this film has made an impact/altered your fast food eating habits and specifically explain how and why.

By watching the film, there is a great impact created in my life and my Eating habits as an individual. Through the facts shown in the movie that only one month can change one’s body weight and functioning, I get the notion to avoid fast foods and embrace good diet and exercise. On learning through him a lot has been put across including how addicted one can be to junk food. Majority of the population see it as a normal food intake but through the film it is clear how the masses are affected.

I will embrace nutrition through avoiding visiting the fast food outlets and reading more on nutrition. Through this course I will be able to connect the film lessons and course knowledge to ensure that I take correct measure of balanced and embrace a healthy life throughout.Film on Super Size Me

I have all reasons to avoid the fast food since it is not nutritional at all as seen in the film. The French fries are proven to be dangerous in the body as it adds cholesterol in the body. It also makes one susceptible to obesity which is my great distasteful condition I have ever thought of. I have been in love with my body size and weight. Obesity can therefore be the worst condition I can put myself in; hence I have to avoid all its causes. Spurlock’s also experienced a problem with sexual disfunctioning whereby it can cause breakage in marriages and families. Through that, I have the utmost reason to seize from eating French fries which has the same cause which can affect my future life. To add on that it is clear from the film that, it is cheaper to live a healthy life since most of the food intake is natural as compared to fast food which is very expensive and never natural.

  1. State your opinion on whether fast food companies should be held responsible for the obesity Problem in the US? Explain the reasons for your opinion.

My opinion regarding the growth of fast food companies which sell junk food and are accused of causing problems is, they should be encouraged to have more nutritious food rather than the junk food they are selling. This should be done through education on nutrition and how to embrace entrepreneurship through making other natural products which can still give them capital. They are therefore, not to be blamed since the United States citizens have a responsibility to maintain their good health. The companies are not held responsible for obesity problem as citizens have a choice to do without the fast food. Everybody should therefore remain responsible and fight obesity in United States.

  1. Close your paper with a summary paragraph describing your feelings of the film.

Super Size Me is an educative film which brings out the idea of how responsible each and everyone should watch their diet and nutrition. The film carries facts through real life situation for that reason; it should be a lesson to all watching it. Embracing healthy life style through all means like exercising should be each and everyone’s dreams. The film is so inspiring to both people affected or not affected by obesity as there is always solution for it. The educative nature of the whole film makes Spurlock’s research to be my greatest recommendation for all those who have aspirations to keep their body fit. Film on Super Size Me