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Film Noir is a style that is commonly associated with Hollywood pictures and drama especially those related to cynical attitudes and those with sexual orientation. The style was common during the Second World War and the subsequent years especially between 1940 and 1950. Most of the Noir films were inspired by the existing literature and more specifically the crime novels, which were popularly known as hard-boiled novels, which were very common in America during this period (Bould, 2005).  The contemporary events, which were happening in America during the post World War 2 era coupled with the German and French film traditions, also played a key part in influencing the nature of the Noir Films. Since this period, it has never been clear whether the Film Noir is a genre defined by its contents or whether it is a story, telling style but the uncertainty has attracted various discussions, which have made the style to remain popular (Park, 2011).

The poster being analyzed shows the picture of a man surrounded by two men on his sides and a couple who seem to be kissing each other. It is amazing how the man is kissing the lady while holding a gun and probably the particular caption serves to show that most of the people are involved in crime and sexual activities. The observation is supported by an image, which appears in the extreme left of the poster that shows some hands holding a weapon. It is not out rightly clear the type of the weapon held but it looks like a very sharp object which is definitely harmful. The poster has inscriptions that read “somewhere in the night” probably denoting that it is describing the events that happen in the region in the course of the night.



There are also other writings surrounding the photo especially at the top and bottom parts of the caption and they are majorly names of persons. There are also other writings at the bottom, which are not very clear, but they seem to be giving more details about the information portrayed by the poster. It is highly likely to be the