Fashion and Sports of the 1970s

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Fashion and Sports of the 1970s An examination of

Fashion of the 1970s

In the 1970s, fashion had no big difference from that of 1969 except for a few changes. It is crucial to note that, in the 1970s some revolution occurred in fashion. Unlike the past years when most of the clothes were dark, they seemed to be a little brighter this time. Polyester was the primary material that the people had chosen to use to mend their clothes. The clothes that both men and women were wearing during this error were very tight. They had also adopted the behavior of wearing platform shoes. By the year 1973, most of the ladies were walking on high cut boots as well as low cut pants. The type of clothing that was portrayed by these people seemed to be so fun during the time. In short, they had taken the fashion and apparel of the 1960s and then made some exaggeration as well as some improvements to it to please the eyes.

In the 1970s, designers worked on skirts that completely changed fashion in the city. They designed dresses that dropped somewhere between the knee and the ankle. This style was warmly received and embraced by most women in town (Hodkinson, 22). Most of the women that love miniskirts had filled their wardrobes with these clothes, and there was no way they were going to change. They claimed that long skirts used to make them look aged. Capes, gauchos, and ponchos also took so commonly this year. Purses and bags used to be strapped under the arm. Another important trait of fashion of 1970 Is that boots were very common either.

In 1972, what the designers made was a bit inflicting with what the public wanted. They would make skirts that would be at the knee, but the public would prefer them at the ankle. Furthermore, they introduced hot pants that meant nothing to the public. Young couples would prefer to wear sports clothes. In 1972, people directed their minds to wear casuals. They didn’t spend too much money or time on their clothing. In 1973, the most modern clothing was the knitting needle. This clothing was very standard and it comprised of sweaters coats, sweater dresses or sweater suits. For men, they would wear pea jackets, baseball jackets as well as blazers.

In 1974, designers concentrated on making clothing a little bit more loose rather than tight as it had been the case. The t-shirts that were earlier considered for underwear purposes only would now be worn all over with slogans printed on them. From 1975 to 1979, fashion changed drastically from casual wear to formal wear. People now had left what they referred to like the style of the 1970s and were approaching the 1980s with a different taste of fashion; the formal wear.

Sports of the 1970s

Sports in the 1970s portrayed a lot of triumphs as well as tragedy. The tragedy was noted when the 1972 Summer Olympic tragedy happened to kill 11 Israelite athletes and coaches. This tragedy was after an invasion by a terrorist group on the Olympic grounds. In the 1970s, many games were played such as baseball, boxing, football and much more. During the 1970s, baseball was much played (Turner 131). The game comprised of an eccentric owner, two pitchers, one slugger and a new rule. As said earlier, sports in the 1970’s were very violent. Henry Hank was one of the best players of the times. Henry worked so hard towards beating Ruth Babe who had been leading at the time. By doing so, he earned himself the title of Home Run King by hitting 40 home runs for the year. This victory made him a lot of fame all over the region. In 1973, Charles Finley who was the owner of World Champion Oakland Athletics put on probation and fined with $7,000. One of his best basemen Andrews, performed poorly leading to a significant loss for them. Finley was angered with him and decided to add him to the disabled list. They later came to an agreement that Andrew would sign out of the team. Andrew agreed but confessed later that Finley had persuaded him to do so.

In Basketball(amateur) the UCLA Bruins were shining in the 1970s. They had won 75 games in a row and were on top. The Bruins had also won 7 championships as well as 9 of the last 10. The only undefeated team of the time of North Carolina State. In the basketball(professional) area, the New York Knickerbockers were very vibrant. They managed to finish second in the Atlantic division (Taylor 152). On the other hand, the Philadelphia 76ers were so unfortunate to win only nine games and lose 73 of them.

Boxing was still played over the years. Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali were rated as the best heavy lifters of the time. They were both bested, and Frazier became champion after beating Ali for 15 rounds. In football(amateur), people were voting for the team that would win the National Champions, and even though they had high hopes for Alabama, the final results showed that Notre Dame had won. On the professional football team, the Miami Dolphins claimed the AFC title by beating the Cincinnati Bengals.


            From the above findings pertaining to fashion and sports of the 1970s, it is crucial to point out that there have been so many changes that can be witnessed today. It is also important to acknowledge the fact that fashion keeps changing from year to year and what is fashion today may be outdated tomorrow. The sports however, do not portray much changes except for the fact that new games are still being discovered and played all over the world. Fashion and sports will continue evolving as new discoveries are made and people need to embrace the changes.