Exploring outer space

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The article explains why it is important for the government to spend more money in exploration of the outer space.



I definitely support the opinion that the governments should spend more money in exploring outer space because it provides new scientific discoveries, facts about the unknown, expands technology and information which is related to our very own world. Humanity’s desire to explore heavens has pushed the boundaries of our scientific and technical limits further thus challenging the boundaries of what we know. Space exploration tends to explain fundamental questions about our position or place in the universe and the history of solar system. It tries to give the answer to the question “are we alone in the universe?” mostly space exploration was conducted for the purposes of scientific discoveries, economic benefits through education and security. If I may ask, is isn’t it important to have the information about what lays far beyond our world and is part of the universe……………..

Topic statement 1: Information technology.
To begin with information technology, through satellites Earth Observation System Data and Information systems acquires the Earth’s atmosphere, Oceans and vegetation’s on a daily basis. This was facilitated by the urge to explore the universe; this data accumulation has reached petabytes. Therefore to provide better access to the large data repositories, NASA partnered with Archives Inc. to create a high-tech software program that can hold a large amount of information……………………..

Topic statement 2: Health.
Secondly, in Health, scientists needed a precise image in the early Apollo mission to view the moon surface in order to land the first man on the moon. NASA’s laboratory created digital image processing which was an innovative technology using computers to enhance the moon image. Using this technology the medical field scientists and researchers noticed it can be used to enhance image in human organs through Magnetic Resonance Imaging and CT scan……………………

Topic statement 3: Public safety/ security.
Thirdly, in National security, the powerful rocket launchers that propel the spacecraft deep into the space are currently used as fighting fires. U.S Air Force Rescue Group partnered with Orbital Technologies Corporation in designing a high-pressure system that compresses fires in seconds. In addition, Memory foam, as a result of developing………………………