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Explain your philosophy of education

My goal as a teacher is to provide a challenging experience for students that will see them grow to their full potential. I would love to see my students progress level after level to become better individuals. As part of my teaching, group work will be an essential aspect of the class. This is something I value especially for older students. Group work is good for classwork because it helps students understand well, motivate and help one another which transforms the atmosphere of the classroom as a whole.

I believe students need confidence in the learning process. In my classroom, I would love students to have freedom of expression and creativity. Students should be able to experiment with what they like and what they don’t like so as to develop on their strengths and understand their weaknesses. With this model in place, teaching becomes effective when it is personalized to each student’s learning style.Explain your philosophy of education

Teaching and learning should be personalized to each student. Having each student undergo the same type of teaching can affect those who may not be good at something. As a result, they end up failing not because they are poor but because instructions were not delivered accordingly. Having a personalized teaching and learning process. A teacher is able to understand a student’s strengths and weaknesses so as to deliver content well.

The teaching process should be enjoyable for the students for easy understanding of the content. For the teacher, it is not a job but an experience to enjoy the students and all that they have to offer. Sometimes the teacher will experience different struggles, however, if something is wrong there is always a way to try and fix it. The teachers as a role to play in making change to the students’ lives.

Compare and contrast your philosophy with those of at least three educational theorists’ philosophies/learning theories.

The first theory to compare the philosophy is the Holistic learning theory. This theory suggests that people find meaning, identity and purpose of life through connection in a community, to the natural world and through humanitarian values such as compassion and peace (Yang, 2003). The difference premises in the individual need activation to be more effective. My philosophy stresses on the importance of group work to assist the students develop the skills they need inside and outside classroom.Explain your philosophy of education

The second theory is the facilitation theory by Carl Rogers which affirms that learning occurs when the educator acts as the facilitator by providing an environment where the students feel comfortable to explore new ideas. Creativity and confidence inspires students to learn more without feeling like the environment is compromised. This will help students learn the most important thing which is to change things about themselves that will assist them. Moreover, the facilitation theory inspires children to take responsibility of their own learning. Through self-evaluation, students are able to identify their strength and weaknesses and establish factors that will contribute to solving problems and get significant results.

Another theory that is applicable in my philosophy is the social constructivism by Dewey. This theory suggest that learning occurs as a result of student interest (Ferguson, 2007). Education should be integrated with other aspects of life and not an abstract process. It should help students grow and learn by connecting what they learn in class with life experiences. By making the learning process an enjoyable activity, students will be able to learn easily. Part of making the lessons enjoyable is by relating the things they learn in class with content.

Role of technology

Technology plays a vital role in education today because most students have grown in a digital world. Inside and outside school, technology enhances the learning experience for learners. For the group work aspect in my philosophy, technology enhance group learning through the sharing of resources. For instance, since technology is expensive, students can learn how use resources by sharing computers and tablets. It also provides and interactive element in the learning process.

Technology acts as a facilitator in the learning process. For instance, the educator is the facilitator in the teaching process. The level of presentation that is offered in technology such as using interactive white bora improves on the presentation of the learning process, in that, the teacher is in front of the class, and the students are involved in interactive learning.

Technology also personalizes the learning process since many students have access to laptops, tablets and netbooks. They are able to perform research, practice and improve on their weak areas even without the teacher’s directive.Explain your philosophy of education









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