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Experience as a secrete shopper in a pharmacy



Experience as a secrete shopper in a pharmacy

“Secrete shopper” is one of the ways to evaluate customers’ service effectiveness.  The number of unintended pregnancies and the rate of induced abortions are increasing rapidly, this raised a concern on whether the protocol required to dispense medication to the patients in need of emergency contraceptive pills is actually followed in our pharmacies. Hormonal emergency contraception (EC) or the emergency contraceptive pill (ECP) commonly known as “morning pill” is most effective if used within 72 hours of unprotected sex. This paper focuses on my experience as a “secrete shopper” in a pharmacy while purchasing emergency contraceptive pills.

To begin with, the pharmacy was neatly arranged and sparkling clean portraying high levels of hygiene, it took me less than an hour to interact with the pharmacists and also the staff during my “secrete shopping”. I was welcomed with a warmly greeting by one of the staff who offered me a seat to sit while waiting to be served. By talking to a few staff there only a few knew when the emergency contraceptive pills should be administered.Experience as a secrete shopper in a pharmacy

In addition, the pharmacist followed the correct protocol required to dispense emergency contraceptive pills, clearly you could just deduce he really knew the product. Quality communication skills were portrayed and meeting their customers’ needs was their key objective, they provided community referral and follow –up care. High levels of good pharmacist-customer relation were seen and handled their customers with respect. After offering service they offered me a chance to enquire any concerns I had. The whole experience at the pharmacist was just excellent their products, service, beyond doubt they administered to me well. The only thing that didn’t please me is that there was no privacy between the pharmacist and the client a third party could clearly overhear our conversation. Lastly but not the least their packaging was welcoming and the way they ended the transaction was pleasing.

In conclusion dispensing emergency contraceptive pills is correctly done by pharmacies; no blame can be put on them on increasing rates of unintended pregnancies and induced pregnancies. Customer’s needs should always come first in any business transaction. Also staff working in a pharmacy should me educated on emergency contraceptive pills.Experience as a secrete shopper in a pharmacy