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Event Reports


The paper talks about the event that was conducted in two days by an organisation where volunteers and the group members conducted advertising in campus.

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Event Review including:
a. A description of the event and the impact it had for the organization and/or the community it served.
It was done in two days that is 15th march from 4-7 and 16th march from 1-4.It was conducted in the campus, where every member of the group and volunteers participated in advertisement by going around the campus or standing in front of the table with brochures motivating the instructors and students to donate for Downtown Eastside Women’s Center. Names of the donors and the amount they donated were written on the receipt. The donated clothes were organized by two volunteers, pictures of the event were taken and serving of food such as cheese pizza, coke, cookies, tea and Arabic coffee. The minimum contribution was $ 2. This event had an impact for the organization since it was a success in that the goal or mission of the project was attained and many people were able to donate money or goods……………………..

b. An assessment of the event’s success relative to the goals established. Include both Quantitative and Qualitative measures.
The event was a success since the project was able to give a large sum of money $200 for the two days event, thus making a total of 500 plus the sponsors’ money. Also the large amount of items donated such as clothes, and hygiene kits which were meant to help the Downtown Eastside Women’s Center. The event was also conducted in a quality manner such that every member of the group participated in advertising with brochures and motivating students and instructors to donate…………………….

d. Qualitative goal achievement.
i. What went well?
The event was successful due to the teamwork by the members of the group and utilization of strengths of the individuals such that those who are good in writing receipts deals with the donors, while others with food certificate handles the serving sector. Good relationship within the group helps the organization to experience quality goal achievements since there was togetherness during……………………..