Buy Existing Paper - Ethics


Ethics define as the decisions of how the person’s learned from his background inknowing what is right and what is wrong, as well as what is good and what is bad. Academicethics are kind of similar to business ethics. They both are official work places weather forstudents compared as to employees, or professors as bosses in companies.

My own personal codes influenced my academic decisions by doing positive things in school and stay positive. Such as make a study choice instead of going out and have fun during the week, study then going to the gym on Friday instead of partying and drinking alcohol. I believe staying away from troubles and doing the right thing in school is what students should be doing. If another student wants to drink, that is fine by me; I cannot intervene on his own decisions. On the other hand, I feel that if I started to some negative thing during college, I will be lost and not doing what I supposed to be doing.

Personal ethics are so significant for all types of people. No matter if you are rich,educated, or even famous; everyone in this world has to be aware of his own ethics and how to deal with others. If a person is not educated or not having enough money likes his surrenders,people will treat him as he is in a higher position only because of his ethics. It is very important to test our ethics to, so that we have a sense and a feeling of how we are dealing with others. For example, I saw a student had her feet on the desk while the teacher is giving the lecture. It is honestly bothered me a lot when I saw her because who is front of you is a teacher or even a professor, or even if it is a regular person. I think that is a sign of disrespectful, but I cannot blame her, it just the act bothered me.