Essex House

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Why did Japan Airlines Development Company decide to develop a hotel company in the mid-1980s?

The company made a decision to establish a hotel company in order to strengthen its marketing and financial position. The organization embraced the opportunity to have a number of travelers that would make it to expand both in its revenues and in sales. Moreover, the firm wanted to be ahead of its rivals in the market. Therefore, it aimed to establish a global network of hotel so as to attract more customers.

Why did Nikko Hotels International choose the Essex House in New York City as its first property in the United States?

The company’s decision was stimulated by the fact that the company wanted to boost its identity by being reputable in the American travel sector that is highly competitive. The Essex House will enable the company to meet its future growth. The organization believed that it could excel in other markets in the US in case could succeed in the competitive New York market. Its executives realized that the hotel industry in New York City was so competitive and therefore, establishing a first property there could determine the organization’s performance in other parts of the US.

Can you describe the cultural diversity of the management team at the Essex House?

It strengthened Nikko’s workforce. With its management’s growing cultural diversity, the company was able to accommodate every community and culture, where they developed an employee cultural mix, which did their best in fulfilling the needs of customers. Moreover, Nikko embraced cultural diversity in their leadership, as evident in the six directors who originated from various cultures. Thus, this was a representation of a strong cultural diversity in the leadership and management of the company.

What was the purpose of the executive retreat?

The executive retreat main purpose was to establish an executive building program, which would incorporate an overview of the development of the hotel and what would be performed in order to enhance growth. Besides, the retreat’s result was to formulate the company’s mission statement, which would be used to guide it in achieving its intended objectives and goals.