Essay on Wright’s Experience



Essay on Wright’s Experience

Wright is a young man that is learning lessons reserved for young men and that is why it’s easy to relate to him. All his experiences are first and they are so severe that he will not need to be reminded. The kind of racial bias he experiences is explicit. It is not essentially hidden but everyone knows about it even the black community and there is nothing they can do about it. The blacks are not treated same as the whites. It is true they have moved from slavery but they are still not equal to whites. They have their own neighborhoods and as such being in the white neighborhood without good reason can land you into trouble. They get to work with the whites but are required to stick to the menial work and not the technical or intelligent stuff no matter how much they think they are up to learning. People of color are mistreated and treated as second class citizens with beatings and insults by whites that think they deserve it.

In Wright’s time, white is supreme and even his community cannot do much but take what is handed down to them and even count themselves lucky when the treatment seems less brutal.

Question 4 Essay on Wright’s Experience

There is a difference between Rankline’s experience and Wright’s experience. Rankline’s experience is implicit while Wright’s is explicit. Rankline experience means that the people he interacts with have accepted that people of color can work and live in the same Quarters as them but still there is that embedded feeling that people of color do not deserve that experience. Rankline’s experiences a colleague wine about working with a dark person. Rankline at one time gets an appointment and it’s almost frustrating when the person giving the appointment mistakes him for an intruder just because of the colored skin. In another experience, the neighbor calls the cops on a young man left to babysit Rankline’s children despite Rankline telling the neighbor that they have a guest. Rankline’s experience is basic implicit. Distrust exists of the colored group even when they mean no harm. A similarity between the two experiences is that they both experience racial bias in many different forms. The difference is that Rankline’s experience is more of emotional hurt experienced by the victims while Wright’s experience is physical most times and emotionally draining at the same time.