Essay on The sociolinguistic approach



Essay on The sociolinguistic approach
1. The five properties are:
● Productivity- the sentence helps one to share information about the temperament of the character, which means she is a pleasant person.
● Arbitrariness- the word nice does not necessarily describe all people so calling her nice shows that it is an arbitrary word, said on a whim.
● Displacement- the person being discussed may not be present and describing her in her absence means that we may never know for sure that she is nice.
● Discreetness – saying ‘very’ just before ‘nice’ makes the person being told of the female connect the degree of the niceness.
● Duality- when ‘s’ ‘h’ ‘e’ as individual sounds do not make sense on their own but when put together they signify the human form.Essay on The sociolinguistic approach
2. The sociolinguistic approach emphasizes on how society uses language and how society affects language. A good example is that a particular vernacular word comfortably used in a society, may be inapplicable in a business setting. However, the ethnolinguistic approach relates more between culture and language and the how different ethic groupings see the world. It is essentially the difference that makes ethnic groups different from each other. A good example is the difference in perception of the moon between the Spanish and Germans. The Spanish describe the moon as dainty and beautiful while the Germans describe it as omnipotent and rugged. The difference in the two languages shows how the ethnic groups perceive one aspect in different ways.
3. Face to face interactions provide the opportunity to read body language while CMCs lack that aspect.
● CMCs lack self-preservation unlike face to face that have self-preservation.
● Face to face, interactions are video chats while CMCs are text chats.
● CMCs take a longer period of time to pass on information compared to face to face interactions, which are real time.
● Computer Mediated Communications provide meditation and editing opportunities which are absent in day to day.
Face to face, interactions are real time and save on time taken conversation.
CMCs have the clear advantage of editing when one thinks differently and in a learning setting a learner could gain a lot because they are not afraid to ask for clarification.Essay on The sociolinguistic approach
4. The woman may exude power at first glance because she has a big car but that soon changes because when she asks for 50 cents I become the one with the power. I can give it to her because she needs it to make a call as she stated or I may deny it to her because by judging her current state I may not believe that someone had money for drinks and not a call. In the end, I am the one with the power when she thanks me for obviously helping her out. She transfers her power to me because she sees my potential to help her and is aiming to make it count.
On the distance between the woman, and me we are complete strangers. She tries to reduce the distance by asking a question, which prompts me to act even with a stranger, because I no longer feel that she is that strange so l help her. The distance is also represented by the woman’s car to me, a higher social standing.
Degree of face threatening is a negative face. The woman requests for 50 cents and therefore anticipates I give it to her thereby limiting my personal freedom to refuse her the request. In the negative face, the woman’s personal freedom is also restricted because she expressed thanks only because she feels obliged to do so. Because of negative face, the woman is hoping not to impose on me as she needs my help.