Essay on Snow Skiing



Essay on Snow Skiing

Snow skiing is fun and about the cheapest luxury one can have in winter. It is a sport and that kept in mind it is important to consider the type of skiis to use when participating in the sport. Two factors are important to fact in. When it comes to skiing, one has to consider the preffered terrain and the rider preferences when it comes to the ride they love on a particular type of terrain. Members of this team decided to make frequency their subject of analyzation because it determines the material used on the skii, the length and the width as well as the slope the rider is supposed to take when skiing.

Objective.Essay on Snow Skiing

Three different skiis were used to analyze the frequency under investigation. Accelerometers were used to measure the frequency. The analysis included vibrations that were used to measure frequency, ski material and ski size and was carried out to determine the strength of of the ski and determine the skis.

The following table shows the equipments used.


Material Specs
Ski A Sport Dynastar 77
Ski B Head ceramic
Ski C Rossignol eagle
Accelerometer ADXL325
Accelerometer device National Instruments DAQmx
Digital multimeter Agilent3440A 6 1\2  Digital Multimeter



Procedure.Essay on Snow Skiing

Two members of the team started by clamping down Ski A to a table so that the ball of the ski and the foot of the table were face to face. Two other members were busy getting the positive and negative voltages of the acceloremeter axis and in the process were able to zero out manufacturing specifications codes given to deal with any arising problems. After this process, the acceloremeter and the ski were attached to each other at 19 1\2 inches from each other near the binding work. The next step included measuring the ski length and ski material as well as the height of the acceloremeter. The vibrations were then recorded and written down. A MATLAB was used to convert the recorded vibrations into physical measurement. The acceloremeter DAQ was recognized by the MATLAB code. To generate vibrations, one team member had to apply pressure to the tip of the ski and another team mate had to record the height of the acceloremeter off the ground and had to deduct the agreed 1 inch increament. One team member applied load to the ski and removed it rapidly resulting into a bouncing movement and recordings were made as the process was repeated to the rest of the skis. Multiple data set for the various skis was recorded for comparison and the best representation of the acceloremeter and ski decided on by the team.


Based on Fourier Analysis, Spectrum analysis was used to investigate signal strength versus frequency. The ski frequencies we’re recorded and used because frequency can be summed up as the sum of sine waves.