This museum is one of the largest science learning venues in the world. It inspires people from different age groups and help people understand their place in the natural world, through instilling the sense of responsibility and wonder by ensuring exhibitions and online resources. It has a sculpture of an elephant placed at the center of the building, and a variety of prehistoric skulls from ancient dinosaurs, scientific, artistic, and cultural historical features.

I personally was able to visit Smithsonian national museum of natural history and I was privileged to see the exhibition on narwhal revealing an arctic legend, the narwhal has a spiral tusk that surprises many people from centuries the exhibition explored deep into narwhal’s arctic world and understand what makes this mysterious animals and its changing ecosystem. The revealing of the arctic legend will present Inuit perspective on their connections to narwhal and the latest scientific knowledge about this animal. The exhibition will reveal how traditional knowledge and experience together with scientific research provides more understanding of these animals. The real tusk and skull of the narwhal will be displayed, Inuit artwork and cultural artifacts, fossil skull from extinct narwhal whale relatives, live-sized model of a male narwhal suspended in the gallery. The breathtaking panoramic land scape image of narwhal arctic environment was made to give the visitors a feeling of real situation.Essay on SMITHSONIAN NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY

Another exhibition that is to be held in Smithsonian museum is the one showing how eruption happens. This exhibition was done by Dr. Ben Andrews, a geologist at the national museum of natural history, he studies volcanoes to understand how eruptions occurs and what causes ashes and other materials during a violent pyroclastic. Ben places a radio-triggered camera in Guatemala along the mount of volcano and captures the series of the volcanic activity.




The national gallery of art is one of the leading museums in the world that ensures the clients or interested people get quality images of a particular historical event. It is aimed to facilitate learning, enjoyment, enrichment and exploration. It also said to be the repository of the digital images of the collections.

One of the collections of national gallery images that I was able to see during my visit is the widener collection from Johannes Vermeer, an image of a woman holding a balance, thee image showed the painters technical abilities and mastery of genre painting and the depiction of daily life. The scenes unfolding in private household spaces featuring gentlemen and elegant ladies was one off the most striking Dutch painting innovation during the golden age period, when innovation was unparalleled. Comparing the paintings which are related by theme, composition, and motif shows how these artists inspired, rivaled, surpassed, and pushed one another to achieving greater artistic levels.

Ann Truitt sculpture work is also one of the famous wood art works in the national gallery of art, she was one of the leading figures associated with minimalism. The artist ensured that in his life and work she has maintained a succession of studios during the period when space in the city was affordable and available to artists. This art is unique since she alone remained a traditional artist; she painted and sanded her wood sculpture by hands in multiple layers. Since many minimalists favored neutral tone, Truitt suffuse her work with feeling and memory, she developed a palette ranging from reds, blacks to pale yellows and lavenders.

The fantasy figure by Jean Honore Fragonard is considered as one of the important French painting that combines art, fashion, science and conservation. The painting shows a girl seated on a chair reading a book and dressed in lavish costume which was known in 18th century as Spanish style. The portrait by Fragonard showcase the painterly skills he possess, and this work was influenced by artworks, visitors at the studio and shaped by his artistic imagination.


The capitol is one of the most known structures in the world; it is the most iconic and majestic symbols of democratic government in the world, it contains artworks and exhibition of documents that allows visitors in the capitol to be able to explore the roots of the United States government. It features original documents and artifacts, touchable models, videos, computer interactives and two small theaters giving visitors a deeper look at how congress works the history of the capital and congress as well as information on the representatives and senators.

During my visit to the U.S. Capitol I saw the exhibition hall with two small mini theatres with models of capitol ground, historical artifacts, touch screen interactives, a capitol dome model, and loads of original documents. I also saw hall of the senate corridor which was beautifully decorated by Constantino Brumidi an Italian artist. There are also sculptures of freedom fighters in the capitol; a visitor is able to meet four ordinary Americans whose extraordinary actions changed the course of American civil rights history. There is a Talking point seeks to preserve compelling stories and experiences of war veteran, the Exhibition Hall and the Emancipation Hall use hands on objects to tell the stories about the capitol and congress such as how enslaved laborers helped in building the capitol. Exhibition hall has a lot of original documents and artifacts that tell the story of the capitol and the congress. The congress through legislative debate and compromise, they make laws and influence our daily lives, and holds hearings to inform the legislative process, conducts investigations to oversee the executive branch and also serves as the voice of the people and the state in the federal government, the capitol has the house of representatives and the senate.

The Capitol structure dome was designed by Thomas walter, was inspired by the classical domes in Europe like the pantheon in Paris and St. Paul’s in London the design was meant to impress the visitors. The painting, Apotheosis of Washington and frieze of American history where also designed by the Italian artist Constantino Brumidi. The image of the declaration of independence paintings is also in the capitol.


The museum is one of the renowned national museums that give detailed information on civil rights documented and digitized images. The aim is to make important materials and documents available for public research and educational purposes.

Protecting the legacy will also digitize photographs documents and memorabilia at event held across Tennessee, with the purpose of making materials available for education and public research. The recording and digitizing of the public photos and artifacts related to African American women’s history prior to 1930 for a statewide humanities project.

National civil rights museum has the documentary by David Frances trying to show the truth on the death of Marsha P. Johnson during celebration of her legacy. Marsha P. Johnson was the icon of gay movement in the 1960’s, she described herself as street queen of New York gay ghetto and was the founder of the Transvestites Action Revolutionaries with fellow luminary Sylvia Rivera. Marsha p. Johnson was found dead at Hudson River, the police claimed that the death was suicide therefore no more investigation was not conducted?

The visit to the national civil rights museum allowed me to see the exhibition on Let us March On; Lee Friedlander and the prayer Pilgrimage for freedom this showcases a series of photographs which is significant yet it was rarely mentioned in the history of the American Civil Rights movement with it title taken from the national anthem ‘lift every voice and sing’, the images exhibits opens at the national civil rights museum on loan from Yale University Art Gallery. The museum observes the 50th Anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, it also presents dynamic and engaging programs that inspire, educate and motivate people.




Carnegie museum of art is among the best and leading icon of photography and other images that provides information to the people, it give inspiration, education, and motivation, it also ensures the exchange of ideas about arts and society.

I have recently visited the museum and was able to see the largest U.S. exhibition on William Henry Fox Talbot and the promise of photography, 16 of his work is on the view and recent acquisitions or promised gift to the museum. William was able to combine his chemistry knowledge, mathematics, and optics with his interest in botany, art, and classics to invent the paper-based photography and dominated the field of art. Talbot image are rare due to its fragile nature, his work is one of the precursor to the positive and negative in darkroom photography that is used today. Calotype allowed for picture making in low-light conditions. The exhibition is accompanied by small book that acts as the primer on the work of Talbot and his circle, the publication shows that early photography requires some form of magic-making and innovation that inspire people today.

In the exhibition of 20 over 20, visitors are able to experience different ideas on arts and society. It features 20 artists from each collection, the exhibition take a broader look at American, mapping artists responses to our democracy, economic conditions of our country, historical and contemporary forms of  institutional prejudice, and other collective effects on our sociopolitical landscape.

Every painting in the Carnegie museum of art has a story involving the artists who created them, collectors who cherished them, donors who entrusted to the museum, and curators and conservators who have taken care for them. The digital simulation works of Ian chang allowed him to draw on his background in cognitive science and employ rudimentary form of artificial intelligence. He was able to code unpredictable animated worlds from the ground up, he used video game language to probe complex themes such as evolution, human behavior, and history of consciousness.