Essay on Secure Web Gateway



Essay on Secure Web Gateway

It is a technology solution that protects laptops and home and office computers that are used for internet. They protect any computer that is used to go on Facebook, twitter or look for anything on the internet. These computers face danger from their information being stolen and being attacked by bad computer programs that destroy them. Secure Web Gateway is put in these computers to protect them from all problems that may be as a result of using the internet. It is mostly offered by the Gartner IT Company. The Secure Web Gateway best features are URL filtering, malicious-code detection and filtering and application controls for applications such as Skype. (IT.G, 2018)

Security Engineering-essay on Secure Web Gateway

It is the building of systems that protect computers from malice or error. They basically help organisations to protect the information on their computers from being read by the wrong people. This information in the wrong hands could harm the environment and human life especially when obtained by terrorists. It could cause loss if obtained by thieves from places like banks.

The goals of Security Engineering are to achieve security in various places that need to be protected and ensuring that the security put in place is not disturbed. It is best practised as the airport to control terrorism, at homes and banks to control theft, in military areas to protect weapons and internal communication, in hospitals to protect medical files and medicine as well as hospital technology.

Its fundamentals are having a policy of what the security system is supposed to achieve, having a mechanism which is all the measures put in place to achieve policy. There is assurance which means that the mechanisms used can be depended upon and finally there is incentive which balances the good and bad people in system.Essay on Secure Web Gateway

A person looking for a security engineering job would be expected to keep the computers safe, they would make routine follow ups to ensure that no one is trying to hack the system or steal important organization data. If this information is stolen, any organization would experience a loss financially or their secrets would be stolen to black mail them into revealing company policies to the world. A security engineer would also be responsible for dealing with general cyber attacks from outsiders to the management or any of the employees provided the criminal wants to harm the organisation. They are also expected to put proper security measures in place, make sure that any installed systems are working, look for any security threats even when there appears to be none because it is a sensitive job and security can be affected even when it does not appear so and when least expected. These same engineers are responsible for training all employees on how to keep their work and company data safe as well as how to identify malfunction and report it in good time. They are also tasked with the responsibility of checking if the system is strong enough and if it needs any improvement or adjustment. Finally, the company expects a security engineer to investigate any matter concerned with system security to ensure that criminals are arrested and charged for their offence. (Jobhero, 2018)


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