Essay on Phenomenological strategy



Essay on Phenomenological strategy

A Tentative strategy is usually not certain or fixed, it is provisional meaning that it requires work to so that it can be confirmed. The tentative strategy aims at identifying significant statements and collecting them in clusters according to how they are related then forming themes from the already prepared clusters. The researcher needs to be careful in identifying specific participants who have experienced the phenomenon being researched. The participants often dive a wide variety of information that may turn out not all that useful, which is why the researcher needs to put to use the tentative strategy. By doing this, researchers are able to filter out excess information so that the collected data becomes more neutral and is cohesive. Once the data is placed in clusters or categories it becomes easier to handle especially during coding. Psychological, transcendental or empirical phenomenology is focused less on the interpretations of the researcher and more on the description and experiences of the participants. The researcher is required always to eliminate potential bias of a particular phenomenon. The researcher may have experienced the phenomenon firsthand or they may have opinions about a particular phenomenon but are required to lock all that out so that they are not biased in their research. Investigators set aside their experiences and as much as they can in order to be fresh toward the phenomenon under study. The researcher identifies a phenomenon, conducts data analysis by reducing the amount of collected information to quotes that he or she can combine to themes. This is identified as the bracketing experience because the researchers’ experience does not interfere with their current work which needs to be coded. The researcher can then create an overall experience by answering ‘what’ by description of text and ‘how’ by description of structure.

Journal 3Essay on Phenomenological strategy

Preliminary interview questions and their codes-essay on Phenomenological strategy

  1. Have you experienced any ethical challenges in the use of technology? Challenges
  2. What was the situation that led to ethical challenge? Situation
  3. How did you or the management deal with the situation? Solution
  4. Have you ever been in a situation where ethical awareness was nurtured by an organization? Awareness
  5. If yes, what were some of the ethical technological issues discussed? Discussion
  6. Did the experience provide any solutions? Solution
  7. Have you set any behavioral changes since the enlightenment? Change