Essay on Medical mistakes



Essay on Medical mistakes

Patients and their families definitely have borne the greatest brunt of this medical neglect and it should stop. To err maybe human yes, but sometimes this deaths have occurred in neglected cases that would otherwise have been prevented if only the medical practitioner had been more careful, taken a little more time to assess the situation and saved a life in the process. This situation wholly is in the hands of medical practitioners and hospital management and should be held accountable. Each death especially those, which the family feels they were short, changed should be investigated by the management and the culprits made accountable. This should prevent further and future carelessness on the medicine people part.

Medical cost is often accrued in high bills, which are too expensive most times for the families that has dealt with loss and has to pay for what aggravated them in the first place. This most times is unfair, challenging and especially when they have burial preparations to handle and extra bills to pay. If investigation is done and neglect spotted then the responsible party ought to pay those bills(Allen, 2018).

Social cost to the family is the greatest felt because it can be argued that it affects all families, weather poor, or rich. Social cost can never be equated to monetary value and that is what makes it complicated and hard to take in. It includes stress, grief and suffering that might lead to medical complications and even death to those left behind by their loved ones. Hospitals should have a policy where they provide care and mandatory counseling to those that have lost their loved ones. It may not bring back their loss but it will be a sure way to ensure those that have lost life do not lose any further.Essay on Medical mistakes

The question of who needs to pay for this carelessness may forever be argued but can be discussed by elimination. The insurance companies are always keen on what they pay out to in individual medicine covers. Not one insurance company has thought to insure a person in the event that their death is caused by hospital mistakes. This shows that they will definitely blame the hospital and wash their hands clean of any payment.

The patient is the loser here and just because they are no longer around to defend themselves does not mean that their family should go ahead and pay the hospital for a job not obviously done.Essay on Medical mistakes

The attending physicians, the hospital, and the government should be looped as one in this massive mess and find a way to compensate lost lives. The attending physicians had direct contact with a person whose life they were trusted to care for and because of reasons best known to them, did not perform that function as expected. They ought to pay for their negligence because this are people trusted with protecting lives up to the point of ‘there was nothing more we could do, sorry for your loss’ This after they have given their best. The hospital is in charge of handling their staff and has the same responsibility like them and thus should pay for their misconduct because had they been keen, their staff would have been keener. What we see instead is medical associations defending their own. The government may feel that it is not their problem but in the root of the matter, they should pay as well for not protecting its citizens. They have all the power to investigate, all the power to close down lax institutions and all the power to punish the responsible individuals but instead have folded their arms (Allen, 2018).


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