Essay on Job Considerations in Job hunting.



Essay on Job Considerations in Job hunting.

In looking for a job, I will consider a variety of things that are bound to entice me. Bound to be my first professional job, it will have to be a place that I enjoy going to work and it should not cost much to reach from my place of residence. The first thing that I am going to look at is location. The company should be within New Jersey because it will be near home. Looking for one outside New Jersey means that I will have long driving hours or have to move house entirely which is something I am not enthusiastic about right now.

The next thing I will be looking for is what they are offering as pay. I am looking for a starting salary of about $80,000 and any company offering close to that I would consider because it is a first salary I cannot afford to be too picky.

I have a keen interest on management and how a company runs because I enjoy being in charge of things. I would also consider sales because I love convincing people to buy products that I am passionate about. I think better still sales management could not get any better.

The company I am looking to work with should be close knit meaning that its work style out to be team work. As an alternative, employees should be allowed to work in groups or as pairs to ensure work progresses smoothly.

In order to apply for a job, it would be mandatory to look up the employer fact file checklist. The first thing I would look at would be basic Facts like a listed telephone number. The employer history would also be a concern if only to learn more about company policies and what they stand for or where they have come from as a company in form of achievements or failures because that is what makes a company. The company financial information would also be a big deal because it would prove if it is transparent or not. It would also be of benefit if the company has a philosophy or known goals because the company vision depends on them and the future is determined.Essay on Job Considerations in Job hunting.

Work environment concerns would be major because everyone wants good working hours preferably flexible, paid extra time and a little window for rest time. If a job provides medical insurance, life cover, or retirement benefits, it would be an added advantage. A job that provides training opportunities for entry level employees so that they can be upgraded is a joy.

I will also be keen to research the company online and prepare an information interview to be able to obtain any new information that may be of help in the instance that I am invited for an interview. I would consider bibliographic indexes to add to my information.Essay on Job Considerations in Job hunting.

If I ended up with more data, sorting would be important in order to identify the important points.