Essay on Impact of IT on MUSIC



Essay on Impact of IT on MUSIC

Entry #1:

Information Technology has had a rather huge impact on the music industry as whole. Various authors have been able to write on the connection between music and technology. In addition, various researchers have carried out studies on how technology has changed and can be able to change what is considered to be music.Matan Berkowitz gave a powerful talk on TEDxJerusalem on ‘How can music technology change lives?’ This can be streamed on

From the talk, there were various main points he presented: Essay on Impact of IT on MUSIC

  1. Music is from the brain. With the use of information technology and Biology, everybody can become a musician.
  2. Information technology can be used to come up with instruments that enable everybody become a musician. For instance, it has enabled the persons with disability play instruments that may be deemed impossible by other members of the society. For instance, a lady with one hand to play a guitar.
  3. Information technology has enabled him to create musical instruments from anything. A normal hut can be turned into a musical instrument.
  4. Technology has enabled scientists to understand what music truly is. From research, it was evident that clear that the human brain has been able to tune itself in such a way that it can differentiate different sounds and melodies. That is why we are able to differentiate the sound of a train and dripping water. The brain can then make music using musical neurofeedback. This has enabled the activities in the brain to be turned into music.
  5. Therefore, IT and Art will positively affect the music industry. In particular, artists and musicians will benefit immensely from the strides that have been taken items of creating music
  6. In addition, with IT, more people are getting employed. A good example is the man who creates these instruments using ordinary objects such as a hat. In no time, they will be able to sell their creations to the public hence they will be able to earn a living due to their innovations.
  7. A company, Discotech, has emerged since they have been able to use technology with music. They have been able to come up with new ways that the physically disabled persons to play music. This is either by enhancing their senses or by coming up with 3D printed body parts.

Entry #2 Essay on Impact of IT on MUSIC

From the articles and journal that I have read, it is evident that IT has revolutionized what we consider as music and further how we enjoy music.

  1. Every day, new instruments are being created. Some of these instruments are completely new or with the use of IT, they have revolutionized what a normal instrument. For example, the acoustic and electric violins are too different. From the mere physical attributes to the sound produced, one can see and feel the impact that IT has had on these instruments.
  2. With the use of IT, anybody can be a musician. The Sound engineers can be considered to have revolutionized who we may define as a musician. By tuning the sound or using auto tune, they have understood what we may have earlier considered to be noise, to music.
  3. In the near future, the musical instruments will be completely different. The coming generations may get it difficult to identity certain musical instruments.
  4. With applications, one does not need to carry a drum or a guitar to play them. With IT, developers have come up with applications that enable the musicians to play these instruments using their devices. For example, once performed at a concert with an iPad.
  5. IT has come up with its own genre of music. Genres such as electro, dubstep and house completely rely on IT. The beats are created using computers. It is a matter of incorporating various beats, baseline and pause.
  6. Technology has made musical devices to be more portable. The sound that a normal Bluetooth speaker produces may be better than other huge speakers from the past.
  7. Technology has been able to be used to protect the individuals listening to music from harm caused by loud music. For example, the audiobone has revolutionized how we listen to music. This headphone ensures that the user listens to music directly to the inner ear using bone conduction. Therefore, they do not block their ears as they listen to the music.

Entry #3  Essay on Impact of IT on MUSIC

Technology Use and Music Production

The numbers of global collaborations are on the rise. I was amazed that in most cases, these individual are never in the studio or shoot together. Armin Khales addressed this issue well in his article.

  1. IT has revolutionized how the audience enjoy music. In the earlier years, musicians were required to go on stage and sing as the audience enjoyed the sound of their voices. However, today, the success of the concert will always involve more than just what the musician sings or performs. The props and the visual effects play a very important role during the live performances.
  2. IT has changed how music is recorded. It may be considered that IT has enabled the globalization of music. Musicians from different areas of the world are able to record their audios and videos and later merge them. This has done away with the issue of having to come together in order to collaborate on a song.
  3. Technology has revolutionized music for many years. A good example is the organ. The organ enabled churches to have one wind instrument to be used by a large choir.
  4. The success of these new musical instruments is all dependent on the works of different stakeholders. These include the musicians, the developers, the manufacturers and the composers.
  5. The record labels have been forced to have to embrace technology in the manner in which they conduct their activities. They have been forced to have to partner with the online sites and platforms in order for the audience to have an easier time enjoying the music.
  6. However, technology has also been a reason for the suffering of the musicians and stakeholders. Instances of illegal copying of music and piracy have led to the musicians and the record labels losing millions due to copyright violations.
  7. The role of technology in the coming future cannot be clearly outlined. Therefore, it is important that the stakeholders are able to come together and develop ways that they will be able to address the challenges that might come their way.

ENTRY #4 Essay on Impact of IT on MUSIC

The music industry is struggling to keep up with the changing technology. It has both positive and negative effects on the music industry. These were stipulated in the Recording Radio Film article. It can be accessed from,

Highlights: Essay on Impact of IT on MUSIC

  1. The music business is struggling to keep up with the changing platforms. Technology has brought challenges such as illegal downloading. Laws were brought in place in order to address these problems.
  2. Technology has further struggled with the issue of coming up with laws that can cut across the various nations. Therefore, the copyrights had to be formulated.
  3. The internet is not going on anywhere. Therefore, the laws have to be constantly changed in order for them to be at par with the changing times.

ENTRY #5 Essay on Impact of IT on MUSIC

Technology has changed the manner in which the audience enjoys the music. A typical home has advanced music systems. The home theatres and the radios have the latest technology in them. Issues such as Hi-Fi and Bluetooth have been incorporated by the developers. The Sheffield Institute addressed this issue well. The article can be accessed from


  1. The developers have to ensure that they are able to get the latest technology if they want to attract more customers.
  2. The developers are always required to ensure that they invest in these new forms of technology if they are required to remain relevant
  3. It is the duty of the musicians and the producers to ensure that the music that they produce can be enjoyed and used in these new forms of technology. For example, they have to ensure that they upload it in the various platforms.


Technology has changed how we listen to music. The devices such as headphones and the radios have always changed all due to the development in technology. Adrian Covert addressed this issue in the article, How Tech Changed the Way We Listen to Music. It can be read from,

Highlights: Essay on Impact of IT on MUSIC

  1. The manner in which we enjoy music has a rich history. From the wax tubes, to the records, then to cassette, CDs and now we are able to simply download it.
  2. The access to all this music has made the audience have a changing taste. In the earlier years, the taste of an individual would always be dependent on the access that they had. For instance, the members of Texas state would prefer country music
  3. IT has made people get to sample music from more areas. Therefore, the music from different geographical places can be heard in other areas.


Streaming of music is part and parcel of our society today. The BBC wrote an article on whether it is good for music. This article can be read from,

Highlights: Essay on Impact of IT on MUSIC

  1. Music providers are constantly trying to be able to allow their subscribers to stream the music.
  2. The fans have embraced streaming of music and therefore it is more profitable to stream he music then to allow them to download it.
  3. The streaming services are somehow more expensive due to the cases of illegal downloading and the tough and expensive measures that have been set in place.