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Essay on Globalization of Sports: Football/Soccer

Over the years, the world has continuously become a small village and one does not need to live and work where they were born. This applies to the field of sports as well. Many sports women and men nowadays find themselves working away from where they were born, thanks to globalization of sports. Sports have been instrumental in bringing people together and strengthening ties between countries and people. At the moment, one cannot imagine a world without sports. Sports has offered the world a lot and even in countries torn by war such as Syria and Libya one still sees the citizens of these countries come together when they are cheering their national soccer teams. On that note, I will look at the globalization of sports and more specifically the sports of soccer as known here in America and football as called in other countries.Essay on Globalization of Sports: Football/Soccer

Soccer has evolved over the years from being just an entertainment sport to a multi-billion industry. It has grown and it epitomizes globalization of sports. Soccer has grown and a lot of money is flowing into this industry. Players are being paid salaries that one can only dream of earning when working on a regular job. As the sport has grown, there has been emergence of major leagues especially in Europe continent where soccer has taken a strong footing. Today, Europe and in particular countries such as England, Germany, Italy and France have dominated the world of soccer football. When one wants to see the best players in the world of soccer playing, he or she has to watch the leagues in these countries. America is still playing the catch up game since when players want to retire that is when they come to America and play for two or three years before they go into retirement. This demonstrates how the continent of Europe has dominated this sport. Having said, that globalization has been key in bringing players together. For instance, teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, Juventus, and Real Madrid have players from all over the world. Players that pay for these clubs come from Africa, Europe, South America, Asia, and North America. Due to rapid globalization of soccer, one does not need to have a lot of documents to play in a given country. One only needs to have a work permit and complete signing a contract with the respective club that wants to sign the player. If one wants to go and play in another country he or will need another work permit in order to play in that country. Therefore, one can see that there are no hurdles that can prevent one from playing in another country as long as they have been signed by a club (Current & Current, 2018).Essay on Globalization of Sports: Football/Soccer

When it comes to strategic marketing, each country has a way of marketing its league. These leagues and teams are the payers within the Football/Soccer Industry.  The demand for players varies from one club and from one country to another. Those clubs with high financial power have a higher bargaining power when it comes to getting the players they demand. The smaller clubs cannot compete with bigger clubs for players because they cannot afford to pay the heft salary packages and other bonuses. The demand for players is elastic and it has continued to grow over the years. Today the demand for good players far exceeds the supply and that is why the price for selling players from one club to another had increased drastically.

The strength of the football industry lies in its flexibility in allowing players from other countries to play in a given league. Unlike other professions, footballers or soccer players do not have to go through a series of screening and verification before they are allowed to play. As stated, they only need a work permit, which is easy to find.  Therefore, the industry is highly flexible allowing easy movement of players from one club to another and from one nation to another. However, the greatest weakness of the industry lies in the extreme gap between the salaries paid to top players and others. Even among the players playing for the same club and within the same period there are large differences between the salaries. The opportunity of the industry lies in the fact that there are new sponsors, which are begging to find football as a good channel of advertisement. The industry will continue to grow financially and the leagues and players will continue getting more money and salaries. The threat of the football industry is that there are some countries such as Russia, which have come with regulations such as having five home-born players playing in every match. This goes against the goal of globalizing the sport.Essay on Globalization of Sports: Football/Soccer

Moreover, the money to this industry usually streams in in form of TV rights and stadium entry fees charged to fans who go to watch the matches live. Today more and more TV channels want to air football games whether in America or in Africa. For them to be allowed to show the matches live, they have to but the rights that allow them to do so. Many fans tend to watch the games live from the comfort of their houses and others as they take beer with friends. Thus, TV channels have continued to play a huge role in taking the game to the people. At the moment, we have World Cup competition underway and many people are following the competition from Russia on their screens(Milanovic, 2018).

There have been some accounting and management issues in the football industry. For example, there is a fair play rule that requires all clubs to spend what they can afford. Some clubs are owned by billionaires who pour huge amounts of money into the clubs in order to get the top players. Paris Saint Germaine is one club that has been forced to sell some players because of the rule. The rule is supposed to ensure that there is fairness in the football industry. Hence, all clubs are required to keep their accounting in order to avoid being liquidated or sold out to other owners. Also, it is important to note that as the football industry has grown, it has attracted many investors who invest heavily into the clubs. In football, there is a saying that success is bought, meaning for a football club to be successful it has no choice but to part with a heavy amount of money. The money spent in buying the top players who are very expensive with the latest player, Neymar costing Paris Saint Germaine $262 million. This serves to show the extent to which a club has to go in order to get the best talent in the world of soccer. Other clubs that have managed to buy success are Manchester City and Chelsea, which invested heavily in buying players from other clubs.

The alternative course of action for the football industry would be:Essay on Globalization of Sports: Football/Soccer

  • To create rules that stipulate the maximum amount of money a player can be bought for regardless of the release clause in the player’s contract.
  • Set the maximum amount of money a player can be paid as salary in order to reduce the huge gap between salaries paid to players
  • Create more competitions which will guarantee more revenues
  • Increase the number of countries visited during tours that each club makes at the end of a season. This will earn the club more supporters and fans.

In general, I would recommend for an increase in the number of countries that the clubs visit after every football season. This would create new support base, which ultimately will lead to an increase in earning of the clubs. The clubs will be able to increase the revenue realized from the sale of their merchandise. Ultimately, such a move is in line with making football a global sport and bringing people together.







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