Essay on Fresh and Organic Food



Essay on Fresh and Organic Food

According to Sanders, Andersen and Schulte (2017), it is tough for grocery businesses to get ahead today. This drama exists in many countries. However, Sanders, Andersen and Schulte (2017) took a closer look at the situation in Australia where they surveyed more than 2,500 supermarket shoppers and found that they not only cross-shop routinely but also spend close to 40% of their grocery budgets outside their principal supermarkets. As a result, supermarkets need to lower prices and raise their quality and service at the same time. Fresh foods sales have increased 2.5 times faster than sales of dry groceries in Australia (Sanders, Andersen and Schulte, 2017).

According to Doward (2017), demand for organic is at its highest for more than a decade as reported by major retailers. For instance, major retailers such as Tesco and Waitrose state that organic food sales in their stores have risen significantly in the past year, with more home deliveries comprising of fresh and organic food. Moreover, sales of quality organic produce seem to be rising across all sectors, not just in vegetables and fruits. An increasing number of customers are purchasing organic dairy produce, fish and grocery items such as pasta, olive oil and cooking sauces. As Doward (2017) states, consumers are willing to shop around to find the organic produce they want.Essay on Fresh and Organic Food

As Chen (2018) states,, China’s second largest e-commerce company is set to launch its first offline fresh-food supermarket, known as 7Fresh so as to heat up its rivalry with Alibaba in the growing segment of domestic retail market. The offline fresh-food supermarket will offer fresh food such as beef imported from Australia and fruits from New Zealand. From this article it is evident, that the supermarket industry is not just satisfied with offering quality fresh and organic food in their stores and is willing to meet the increasing demand for fresh and organic food through online purchases and delivery. It is vital to note that e-commerce has resulted in less people visiting supermarket stores and instead purchasing things online or having people do their grocery shopping and deliver them to their houses.