Essay on Employing Rhetoric for Marketing Strategies



Essay on Employing Rhetoric for Marketing Strategies



Laura Bolin Carroll’s seminal work on rhetorical messaging titled “Backpacks vs. Briefcases” is an integral reading for any person or organization wishing to understand how to better tailor its messaging to achieve a desired purpose or goal. If this organization, particularly its marketing staff, is to increase both the quality and reach of its messaging, understanding and applying some of the concepts elaborated in Carroll’s work would significantly improve our marketing strategy through creation of proposals that satisfy our clients’ needs. This memo intends to show how best this can be done.


In Carroll’s work, she begins by establishing what the term rhetoric means. Rhetoric, in the Elementary sense, can be viewed as the way language or imagery can be used to persuade or manipulate perception. A message carries meaning and with meaning comes persuasion. Persuasion can therefore be termed as a ubiquitous tool of messaging .Rhetoric is therefore a daily part of life. In the public and commercial space, rhetoric is crucial part of integral part in communication. However, rhetorical messaging must always be understood within context. Messaging does not occur within a vacuum but must have a particular issue it intends to address, an audience or an intended target as well as certain obstacles or challenges that are to be overcome. This constitutes the context of rhetorical situations. Exigence is a term that refers to the circumstances or conditions inviting the response. An imperfection that needs redress. It instigates a need for one to question what the rhetoric is responding to. Contexts also requires that one understand an audience. A message is more often than not tailored to a target market. It invokes a response from the intended recipient. This is the core purpose of persuasion. If the message does not auger well with the audience or is a substantial misfit then it fails. Contexts also requires one to understand both the simplistic as well as the magnanimous challenges that may inhibit messaging.

Rhetorical situation is only part of the analysis, understanding how one forwards their argument. Appealing to the intended audience is also a crucial to messaging. The Author discusses various methods one appeals to the audience. Logos refers to intellectual appeal. Pathos refers to the emotional appeal while ethos refers to the credibility.

Essay on Employing Rhetoric for Marketing Strategies

Others have understood different ways in which context could be understood. One is known as the ‘rhetorical triangle’ which revolves around the writer, the reader as well as the purpose. A noticeable difference in the use of this method is through the questioning of the writers credibility as well as the purpose of the messaging. Purpose as compared to exigence is wider as it entails not only what the message addresses but suggestions and options on what is to be done regarding the issue.

Analysis-essay on Employing Rhetoric for Marketing Strategies

It is important to understand the strategies propounded by Carroll are crucial in tailoring an organizations message. The marketing staff should be able to understand what their message intends to address, their target audience and the challenges they may face when advertising their product.

The issue or niche to be addressed is central in determining which new innovations can be made and enable the marketers to tailor a message in line with that

Target audience needs to be established so that our organization can have laser focus on the individuals or entities which would be more interested in the product’

Constraints and impediments facing the marketing team in packaging and delivering its intended message should also be considered. This includes factors like financing and confronting pre-existing biases

It is crucial that we present our arguments in a way that appeals to the need of having certain products and services for our client. This includes why they should pick us opposed to any of our competitors.

The credibility of our organization is also crucial. It is important that we are seen as an organization that cares for the needs of the community.

Our messaging must also appeal to our clients’ emotion. It should be seen that our message resonates with people in a deeper sense

Moving Forward-essay on Employing Rhetoric for Marketing Strategies

In applying this knowledge, there are various steps and mechanisms that can be used to shape our strategy. This includes focus groups and market research teams who will work in concert with communication teams to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy