Essay on Elevate Program



Essay on Elevate Program

A suitable program for premarital education both for couples and individuals is Elevate. This is because Elevate is an education program that combines practical skills with an understanding of the physiology human interaction with the aim of fostering healthy relationship skills and knowledge (ELEVATE, 2018). Elevate program was developed in collaboration with colleagues at Auburn University and the University of Georgia. The program comprises of an eight-hour, research-informed curriculum that takes couples through theoretical and practical learning on matters regarding healthy relationships, that is, the seven key tenets or skills critical to maintaining stable and healthy relationships. While knowledge regarding healthy relationships is vital, it is equally prominent for couples to have practical skills that will help them attain relationship satisfaction in their marriages. This dual relationship fulfillment is what Elevate offers as evidenced in the two distinct features of the program. These features include the practical tools and strategies taught in the education curriculum, as well as, mindfulness activities supported by Elevate that help couples maintain control of their heart-brain responses to stressful triggers (Futris, Adler-Baeder, Ketring and Smith, 2014).Essay on Elevate Program

Key things to contemplate in any premarital programs are the visions and missions in order to have a vivid view of the programs beforehand. As such, the vision of Elevate program and the experts who run the program is to ensure nation-wide outreach through Educators and Extension Specialists in partnership with organizations and agencies at the state, national and community levels with the aim of supporting couples and individuals preparing for marriage, and developing and fortifying healthy relationships and marriages. The mission of the program is to avail research-based resources and strengthen partnerships so as to advance knowledge and practice in relationship and marriage education. The vision and mission of Elevate couples education program are similar to the pillars of the premarital education program presented in this research as they both provide theoretical and practical knowledge regarding matters or common issues in marriages.

According to Futris, Alder-Baeder, Ketring and Smith (2014), there is growing research evidence that trends of increasing family and marital instability are negatively affecting couples, children, families and communities. Elevate program is conversant with the impact that family of origin, relatives and friends have on marital relationships. An individuals’ family of origin, friends and relatives may impact his or her marriage negatively based on the examples they set or the marital advice or counseling they receive from them. While advice from family, relatives and friends is vital, it is imperative to note that marital relationships are discordant and as such, advice from one marriage may be impractical in another. Elevate’s comprehensive extension programming has a formidable platform of theory, research and practices that build on people’s strengths while promoting safety and health in couple relationships and respecting their diversity. This means that Elevate is an inclusive relationship and premarital education program that does not discriminate participants or select participants in a bias way. The implication of such a feature is the legibility of even Saudi women to attend a premarital education program such as Elevate.Essay on Elevate Program

Some of the topics covered in the Elevate extension programming curriculum for individuals and couples include working with culturally diverse and low-resource audiences, establishing the role of love before and after marriage and offering relationship and marriage education in discordant communities among others. These topics reiterate the emphasis for diversity and inclusivity in premarital programs so as to ensure that topics discussed in these programs are applicable in different marital settings, cultures, communities and religions. Moreover, the participants will be willing to share their experiences and obtain appropriate help and support since they are comfortable with the parameters set by the programs.

Prep-essay on Elevate Program

Another ideal program for premarital education for individuals and couples is PREP. PREP is an empirically-tested and scientifically-based technique of teaching relationship education. The program is based on over thirty years of research in the field of relationship health. The implication of such research and evidence-based relationship and premarital education is the integrity of PREP in its workshops and trainings which can be trusted. PREP is an important method or program because it formulates practical materials that help facilitators comprising of teachers, clergy, volunteers and mental health professionals among others to design or foster the dimensions of relationships that theory and research have linked to effective marital functioning (PREP, 2018). In addition, the program utilizes techniques of communication-oriented marital enhancement programs and cognitive-behavioral marital therapy to help individuals and couples maintain high levels of functioning, as well as, prevent marital problems from developing.

Just like the Elevate program, PREP is founded on years of research in the field of relationship health, with most research coming from the University of Denver and under the sponsorship of the National Institute of Mental Health. Such recognized health institutions give credibility to the work done by PREP in helping couples achieve maximum marital satisfaction in their marriages. Based on this understanding, PREP covers a vast array of topics that are critical to building healthy relationships and marriages such as conflict management, friendship, problem-solving, communication, commitment, sensuality and emotional supportiveness, among others. These topics are covered in a period of between eight to fourteen hours whereby relationship and premarital education content is taught or carried out in a group workshop format. The group workshop format is ideal as it provides an opportunity for all members or participants to be included in the program and for participant to share their experiences and learn from each other. This argument is espoused by the numerous sites that have implemented PREP such as prisons, religious organizations, military bases and universities.

Most marriages couples, especially women obtained marital advice or counseling from their families, relatives and friends since when it comes to loving relationships, people often assume that it comes naturally. When considering love for the most prominent people in our lives, no person can ever learn too much. This means that there is always room for learning and exploration of novel ways of increasing relationship satisfaction in marriages. Research evinces that while therapy can be extremely important in certain occasions, much of what goes wrong in living relationships and marriages has much to do with ignorance or the lack of knowledge about the precepts and skills associated with successful relationships and marriages (PREP, 2018).  Essay on Elevate Program

In this regard, PREP; a relationship and premarital education program was developed to teach individuals and couples the tenets and skills they require to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship and marriage. With evidenced-based, extensively-researched and outcome-evaluated curricula, PREP provides facilitators with the best relationship and marriage tools to surmount the obstacles experienced in marriages and have happy, lasting and healthy relationships and marriages. PREP deals with problems arising from commitment, sensuality and emotional supportiveness and sex issues in marital relationships. This program is ideal as it provides mechanisms for resolving numerous issues in marriage similar to the ones mentioned by Saudi women participants in this research. Since a significant number of problems in marriage arise when couples are already married and not before they are married, a good premarital program must cater for relationship education ideal for post-marriage problems. These are the issues that are tackled in the PREP program through its topics such as commitment, sensuality and emotional supportiveness. Thus, it provides a good resource-base for formulation of novel premarital education programs such as the one put forward in this research.













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