Essay on conflicts in Syria and their solutions



Essay on conflicts in Syria and their solutions

Question 1

My research question is the causes of conflicts in Syria and their solutions. There are a number of scholars who have also researched and documented on this topic in their research driven journals. Peter Gleick in the American Meteorogical Society Society Journal has published on Water, Drought, Climate Change and Conflict in Syria. The article focuses on the trigger of the devastating civil war in Syria including religious and sociopolitical factors, erosion of economic health of the country, a wave of political reform sweeping over the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Levant region, and challenges associated with climate variability and change and the availability and use of freshwater. Eline Vaessen’s Master Thesis on the Syrian Civil War is extensive, but gives a special focus on the Asad-regime and the role it plays in these conflicts. POMEPS Briefings in the Middle East political Science Journal also posted about The Political Science of Syria’s War. Having been drafted in 2013, just 2 years since the article walks one through the history of the conflict, the number of lives lost by then, the resolution of Syria’s war and the authoritarianism regime in Syria. BBC News’ Syria: The Story of the conflict, also covers a documentary of the pro-democracy protests leading to the violent uprising, the violence in Damascus and Alepo, chemical weapons, rebels and the rise of Jihadists. Finally, PS114S’s International Security in a Changing World, published by delves into the Syrian civil war in a causes of the Syrian Civil War, actors in the civil war, ISIS, timeline of key events since 2011 and   U.S position on the Syrian civil war.Essay on conflicts in Syria and their solutions

Upon the completion of my research project I expect to have demonstrated the history of the conflicts in Syria, the parties involved in the conflict, the government and opposition’s position in the war, war resolutions and peace effort and the regional and international effect of the war.

Question 2

Identifying topics suitable for research is a strategically undertaken process. One starts by brainstorming for ideas on the subject. The ideas may fall under a comparative analysis, argumentative research, contemporary issue, among other types of research papers. As for me, I settled on a contemporary subject of international concern at the moment. The conflicts in Syria is a significant topic today, and solutions need to be found sooner rather than later. The next step is choosing a topic which will enable reading and understanding of the literature involved. The topic should be manageable and the materials or literature available. Then come up with a list of key words, define the topic as a research question and finally, formulate a thesis statement. Online resources, journal articles and filmed documentaries were important in refining my ideas about my chosen research topic.

Question 3 Essay on conflicts in Syria and their solutions

The full citation of the two journal articles I am using for this research topic are:

  1. Gleick, P. H. (2014). Water, Drought, Climate Change, and Conflict in Syria. Americam Meteorogical Society Journal.
  2. Vaessen, E. (2014). The Cyrian Civil War. Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication.


The research issue under investigation in Gleick’s piece are the political difficulties and the ongoing civil war: the complex interrelated factors leading to it including religious and sociopolitical tensions, the erosion of the economic health of the country, and a wave of political reform sweeping over the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Levant regions (Gleick, 2014). The article also brings in a new dimension of the role played by water and climatic conditions in the deterioration of Syria’s economic conditions. Vaessen’s research is more specific as it focuses on the Asad-regime and its correlation with the civil war.

A brief outline of how Vaessen goes about her research gives an outline of how my research will be undertaken. First is coming up with an abstract which gives a summary of the whole research paper which in this case includes a thesis, the issue and the conclusion, all in a nutshell. The last part in the abstract are key words for the research. The rest of the outline includes an introduction consisting of research question, research methods and theoretical framework. The next chapter is on literature review, which contains works of literature on the topic, an analysis of these works and their deficiencies. The next chapters are on answering the thesis statement. The final chapter includes a recommendation or solution to ending the civil war and a conclusion.Essay on conflicts in Syria and their solutions

The major findings of Gleck’s article is the many root courses of the Syrian conflict. Most articles and sources attribute the conflict to the Pro-democracy protests erupted in March 2011 in the southern city of Deraa after the arrest and torture of some teenagers who painted revolutionary slogans on a school wall. However, there is also the long-standing political, religious and social ideological disputes, economic dislocations from both regional and global factors and devastating environmental conditions. This relates to my topic and will be significant in answering the question “what is the cause of conflict in Syria” expansively and exhaustively.