Essay on Click Pen Utility Patent



Essay on Click Pen Utility Patent

Utility Patent of a Click Pen

A click pen comprises a loaded ink cartridge and a spring as the primary components. Such pens are preferred not only for their fancy design but also for their convenience and ease of use. They help the user to remain orderly, produce beautiful calligraphy and are a sign of professionalism. Many professional organizations use such pens to enhance the quality of their work output. The ballpoint tip is the essential part of the pen because it performs the primary function of the pen. The spring connects to the ink chamber and extends to the thrust device and the thrust tube. The thrust device together with the thrust tube work to pull and push at the spring to create the click effect. Majority of the parts of a click pen are made of plastic. Depending on the design, however, they can mainly be made of aluminum or any other materials. The spring is made of wire to create maximum spring effect. The thrust device and the thrust tube are mainly made of plastic. The following is a utility patent for a click pen.Essay on Click Pen Utility Patent

The pen comes in various shapes, designs, and sizes. Overall, it takes a vertical form as any other typical pen would. The pen’s horizontal orientation allows the user to handle it upright when writing and drawing lines on the page (Livia Ablonczy-Mihályka). Parts of a click pen include the tip, the barrel, the ink chamber, the ballpoint tip, the thrust device, and the thrust tube. The ballpoint tip is made of rotating metal to help in creating the line impressions when writing. Each part of the pen is necessary for proper functioning of the pen. The pen works by clicking downwards towards the tip of the pen (Livia Ablonczy-Mihályka). Upon clicking its tip, the pen extends and locks at the bottom part of its casing.  The clicking of the pen is a repeated process producing a clicking sound. The barrel of the pen in the image is yellow and contains a silver tip (Livia Ablonczy-Mihályka). The clip of the pen is connected to the barrel. The ballpoint tip of the pen is concealed in pen together with the other parts of the pen namely the spring, and the ink chamber.

Figure 1 Click Pen-essay on Click Pen Utility Patent

The spring creates the tension that the pen needs to pull back the ink cartridge. At the other end of the system, the cartridge is extended. The cartridge retracts, extending outside a protective casing. The casing is a protective material used to protect the inner ink chamber as well as provide girth for grasp when holding the pen. Without the casing, the pen would be naked and too thin to hold since the inner parts of the pen depend on the support of the outer parts. Therefore, for ease of use, it is vital that the pen comes with a casing, with the design of the casing varying from one manufacturer to another. In regular use the user only presses the button to expose the pen and write. A user cannot press the button of the pen without exposing the nib of the pen. The clicking sound that the pen makes when pressed is variant on its size and make.













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