Essay on Classroom Literacy



Essay on Classroom Literacy

The environment that a child is taught in will always play an important role in determining whether the kindergarteners enjoy the lesson on not. Leslie in her article, ‘how to creates smart literacy centers that last all year’, provided that creativity is important when setting up a classroom. Therefore, she provided various issues. These includes coming up with standards-based centers (Leslie, 2018). They are supposed to give the student a chance to learn something new as they go to these centers. They include a library, computer, puppets, non-fiction, pokey pinning, puzzle center, illustrators, and author writing (Leslie, 2018). All these centers are supposed to give the child as chance to grow their independence.Essay on Classroom Literacy

When coming up with the centers, the teachers is required to ensure that they grow over the years. For example, the computer will help in developing the child’s technological knowhow. It therefore prepares him or her for the future. The puzzle and detective center will help in preparing the child to solve problems (Leslie, 2018). Centers such as the poetry, puppetry, and author writing centers will help the students in developing their creativity. The pokey pinning center helps the child to read and develop their reading skills. The children will always be attracted to these working carpets and it will help them in developing their reading skills.

These centers will also be important when working with the children because of different issues. It helps them learn as they have fun. In addition, the center ensures that the children understand the need for having order (Leslie, 2018). Specific areas are designated for specific activities.

Leslie’s position was reiterated by Sharon Taylor in her article, “Characteristics of Great Kindergarten Classrooms”. She provided that environment should always be students friendly. It should always metamorphose as the child grows. Being a kindergarten class, play is an integral part in the child’s life. Therefore, toys need to be present in the classroom (Taylor, 2011). Furthermore, the classroom should be divided into designated areas for them to perform these activities. For example, they should be taught to play only in the toy section. The toys that the teacher brings is supposed also be deeply taken into consideration. They should be learning in a fun way. For instance, they may play with the magnifying glasses and magnets (Taylor, 2011).

The classroom needs to have many books. These include picture books, number books, and coloring books. It will help the child in developing a reading culture. In the long run, the students will be learning as they have fun. In addition, musical instruments should be available in the class (Taylor, 2011). It will help in the teaching process and also grow the child’s interest in music. The teacher should also utilize these musicals instruments when coming up with the songs and chants.Essay on Classroom Literacy

Conclusively, these issues that have been raised by these two authors show that it is important that certain things are present in a classroom. They help in ensuring that the classroom is favorable for studying and also develops the child’s love for school. In addition, the child the items that are brought to class are supposed to prepare the child for the future.







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Summary: This article was written by Sharon Taylor to show the importance of the learning environment in Kindergarten. She provides that the environment and the materials should always be favorable for learning to take place. The issue that she reiterates is the class needs to always promote play. In kindergarten, the student needs to ensure that they develop an interest for school. In the process of playing, the teacher is supposed to ensure that they are learning in the process of playing.

In addition, she provides that children are supposed to be prepared for the future. The teacher should ensure that they input certain skills and knowledge in the children. These include actions such as sharing and team work. It will be made possible as the child is using the available tools in the classroom. Furthermore, the manner in which they teacher arranges these materials will play a very important role in molding the children’s behavior. They will know that they should always be organized in whatever they do. Lastly, she provides that the class needs to be full of colors. It makes is comfortable for the child to be in and study.