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The professions assigned to my personality type work well with my dreams and ambitions of working in the health sector and making a difference. My major matches my personality type perfectly as Health care is one of the listed careers for my personality type.

The biggest surprise about my test results is that my personality type is good at public speaking. I am not a big fan of speaking in public forums and it was good to learn that I have what it takes. The next time I get such an opportunity I will take it head on because I now know that I have a competitive advantage. It was also surprising that I can be the perfect parent and it was good to know because I have always second guessed myself on if I would make it in parenting.

This new information makes me a better manager because I will not be afraid to exert myself when situations call for it. I will be a better leader as a result. The results showed that I am more of a thinker than a person who uses their feelings to make decisions. This is excellent because as a manager I will make well informed decisions daily. My identity is assertive which means I will be able to relate well with those that I oversee.  No one loves a turbulent boss because employees like to feel safe in their work environment. It also helps that I love to judge situations or events first instead of prospecting. Good judgment qualities are good for a leader as it helps in conflict resolution. Good judgement also helps in the daily operations of a manager because they make more decisions than everyone else and the decisions made affect both the business and employees as well.ENTJ-A