How I Will Drive Engagement and Understanding

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Engagement and understanding- How I Will Drive Engagement and Understanding

Engagement and understanding will be a key ingredient in enhancing the success of Target Corporation. It will not just ensure a well-founded business reputation, but also ensure business loyalty and enhance efficiency in all aspects of the business. Engaged employees willingly go the extra mile, work with passion, and feel a profound connection to their company (Reilly, 2014). The following modes of engagement and understanding will go a long way in leveraging transformational leadership into change which will see Target Company achieve its results quickly and successfully.

  • Conducting team meetings

With the responsibility for everything within the four walls of the store given to the Store Team Leaders (STL), they should ensure that they are in constant contact with the store members. STLs work in the interest of their managers which is ensuring that the business stores are well managed. By conducting team meetings, it will be easier to

  • Use the right team engagement survey

Team members will always expect action just in case the team leader asks for their opinions (Reilly, 2014). It is therefore important to ensure that STLs and ETLs do not just collect survey data, but ensure that such are specific, relevant and actionable for their teams.

  • Engage team members in decision making

Decision making should also involve the departmental workers. Effective decision making is a skill and collaborative decision will definitely unearth ideas that would otherwise not be realized if Target leaders do not engage members. As a leader in innovation across the retail industry, entitling new ideas just to the leaders can become difficult. However, by engaging the workers, who in fact interact more with the public than the supervisors, new ideas may be brought before the leaders.

  • Support employees’ welfare and show concern to their needs