To begin with, “employee engagement” as the video puts it, is about mutual commitment between the company and the employee, also it is referred to as the unlocking employee potential to drive high performance. This clip focuses on creating awareness about it and its importance when employed in our businesses.

Initially, I was aware of “employee engagement” but not in depth as I am now after watching the video. The video is a very motivating piece as it grants individuals the opportunity to understand the term. There are several definitions that are used in the clip to refer to the topic but the fact that the composer termed “employee engagement ” as just satisfying employees, makes me like the video even more because it is clear is not only about the employer but employees too.

Furthermore, I consider it as a powerful tool when employed in our workplaces because besides creating a positive working environment and making employees trust management it also boosts a company’s performance.  Exercising “employee engagement” has a lot of advantages and thus it should be given an upper hand.

Moreover, I believe if an employee is engaged it will result in the individual’s happiness. As the video puts it, “satisfaction is about doing my job, making me successful, personal commitment”, fulfillment is one among the several definitions. This definition gives a clear picture of why I am giving “employee engagement” a priority over employees happiness.  Engaging employee first is quite recommendable because it has a lot of benefits. As a prospect manager, I would engage my direct reports, create a positive working environment for them and involve them in my decisions in order for them to remain engaged on the job.

In conclusion “employee engagement” brings brilliant results when employed in working environments. I would like to urge employers to embrace this method because it will bring the best of their company. It is also advisable not to be the one who is sinking your bout. If employees are engaged there will be more of generation Y in the workforce.